Joey King recently discussed her approach to acting in the context of her role in the Holocaust series, “We Were the Lucky Ones.” The series is based on Georgia Hunter’s novel about her family’s struggle to survive during the Holocaust and features a talented cast including Logan Lerman, Sam Woolf, and Robin Weigart. While King has respect for method acting, she personally prefers not to fully embody her character between takes, as she values the moments of release and connection with her fellow cast members in between scenes.

Filming a series as emotionally intense as “We Were the Lucky Ones” presented its challenges, with King recalling moments when the emotions on set would become overwhelmingly dark and heavy. The cast was able to rely on each other for support, holding movie nights together to decompress from the difficult subject matter. Hulu also provided trauma therapists on set to check in on the cast and crew, ensuring their well-being throughout the filming process.

King opened up about her experiences with antisemitism, noting that she first encountered it at a young age on social media. Despite the ongoing prevalence of this form of discrimination, King has embraced the support of her fans and has learned to navigate the negative comments online. She has diversified her acting career, starring in a variety of genres ranging from action-fantasy to romantic comedies, including her upcoming film “A Family Affair” with Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron, whom she reveals was her childhood crush.

Taking a trip down memory lane, King reminisces about her experience working with Taylor Swift on the music video for “I Can See You,” marking her second collaboration with the pop star after appearing in the “Mean” video in 2012. King praises Swift for her directorial vision and willingness to collaborate with her actors, highlighting the singer’s confidence and creative approach to filmmaking. Fans can catch more of King’s insights and personal anecdotes on the latest episode of the “Just for Variety” podcast, where she reveals her love for “High School Musical” and reflects on her diverse career in the entertainment industry.

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