The ongoing war between 50 Cent and his ex, Daphne Joy, has escalated with 50 Cent hitting back at Joy’s claims that she moved to New York for him to have the opportunity to be a father to their son. 50 Cent instead claimed that Joy followed him with hopes of having a second child together, and accused her of being motivated by financial gain from someone named Brother Love. This led to 50 Cent referring to Joy as a sex worker on social media, leading to a public quarrel between the two.

The G-Unit Records founder has been vocal about his disdain for Joy, especially since her name was mentioned as a sex worker in a $30 million lawsuit against Combs. 50 Cent confirmed his plans to seek sole custody of their son, Sire, in response to the allegations, referring to Joy as a sex worker in his social media posts. Joy vehemently denied the allegations, calling them character assassination, and expressed her intention to explore legal remedies against those involved in spreading false information about her.

Joy retaliated by accusing 50 Cent of rape and physical abuse, claims which 50 Cent’s representative denied in a statement. The representative stated that the accusations were in response to 50 Cent’s decision to seek sole custody of their son and reiterated that the well-being of his son was his top priority. The situation escalated to the point where legal actions were being considered by both parties involved, leading to a public dispute online, with both Joy and 50 Cent making several accusations against each other.

The intense conflict between 50 Cent and Joy has attracted attention from the press and fans alike. 50 Cent continued to post inflammatory comments on social media, including derogatory remarks towards Joy, which only added fuel to the fire. The public dispute showed no signs of resolution as both parties stood their ground and denied the accusations made against them. Their public confrontation has become a subject of interest for many, with the allegations of sexual assault, character defamation, and abuse circulating in the media.

The situation between 50 Cent and Joy highlighted the complexities and challenges of co-parenting, especially when personal conflicts and legal disputes are involved. The public nature of their feud shed light on the importance of maintaining civility and respect, especially when children are involved. The allegations made by both parties underscored the need for fact-checking and legal recourse to address false claims and protect one’s reputation. Overall, the ongoing war between 50 Cent and his ex, Daphne Joy, serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of airing personal grievances on social media and the potential legal ramifications of such actions.

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