Abby and Brittany Hensel, the conjoined twins who first gained fame for sharing their life story on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996, are now 34 years old and living in Minnesota. Abby made headlines recently when it was revealed that she has been married for several years to Josh Bowling, a father, veteran, and nurse. The couple now reside in Minnesota together.

The twins were born and raised in Minnesota and have a rare condition known as dicephalus conjoined twins. They were born fused together at the torso but have separate spinal cords, brains, hearts, and other organs. They share everything located below the waist, with Brittany controlling the left side of their body and Abby controlling the right. Despite their unique circumstances, Abby and Brittany have lived a relatively normal life and even graduated from Bethel University in 2012.

In 2012, the twins gave fans a closer look at their lives and their condition with their own reality TV show, Abby & Brittany, which aired on TLC. The show allowed viewers to see how the twins navigate everyday tasks and challenges as conjoined twins, as well as how they maintain their independence and individuality. In recent years, Abby and Brittany have worked as teachers at an elementary school in their home state of Minnesota, showcasing their determination and passion for education.

Abby’s marriage to Josh Bowling has brought a new chapter to the twins’ lives, as they now live together as a family in Minnesota. While it may seem unusual for a conjoined twin to be married, Abby and Brittany have always been open about their desire for independence and normalcy. Their marriage to Josh shows that they are able to pursue personal relationships and lead fulfilling lives despite their unique circumstances.

The twins’ story has inspired many people around the world and has shown that with determination and perseverance, anyone can overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Abby and Brittany’s positive outlook on life and their ability to overcome obstacles together have made them role models for anyone facing adversity. Their story serves as a reminder to never give up on your dreams, no matter what obstacles may stand in your way.

As Abby and Brittany continue to live their lives together and pursue their passions, they serve as a reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the power of love and determination. Their dedication to their careers as teachers and their commitment to their marriage show that anything is possible with the right mindset and support system. Abby and Brittany’s story is one of resilience, love, and the power of the human spirit to overcome even the most difficult circumstances.

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