Reality TV star Alex Hall has taken to social media to focus on herself and throw shade at actress Brittany Snow. Hall shared a video of herself in Lake Como, overlooking a celebrity-favorite vacation spot, and made comments insinuating that she is living a better life than Snow. She advised her followers to focus on their own goals and not pay attention to criticism from those not doing as much as them.

This comes after Snow discussed the breakup of her marriage to Tyler Stanaland, which reportedly involved a love triangle with Hall. Snow admitted that she was not aware of certain things and that she didn’t see the signs of Stanaland’s infidelity, which ultimately led to their split. Stanaland had flirted with both Hall and another woman, Kayla Cardona, during the debut season of “Selling the OC” and even shared a kiss with Hall in the finale of the second season.

Hall, in previous interviews, expressed no regrets about her interactions with Stanaland on the reality show, stating that she would do it all again. She also claimed that she and Snow were on good terms despite the drama surrounding their relationships with Stanaland. Snow announced her separation from Stanaland in September 2022, with sources attributing the demise of their marriage to the show. Stanaland and Hall were seen together on a sushi date the same day Snow announced their breakup.

In January 2023, Hall and Stanaland were photographed on a romantic getaway to Dubai, sparking rumors of a reconciliation. However, Hall accused Stanaland of disappearing in the trailer for the show’s third season, suggesting that their relationship may have ended. Hall was then seen locking lips with a mystery man in September 2023, further fueling speculation about the status of her relationship with Stanaland.

The drama between Hall, Snow, and Stanaland continues to play out in the public eye, with each party sharing their side of the story through interviews and social media posts. While Hall seems focused on moving forward and prioritizing her own well-being, Snow remains reflective on her past relationships and the lessons learned from her marriage to Stanaland. The love triangle that unfolded on “Selling the OC” has captured the attention of fans and led to ongoing speculation about the nature of the connections between the show’s stars. Ultimately, it seems that each individual involved is working to navigate the aftermath of their public relationships and find a sense of peace and closure.

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