Alina Habba, known as Donald Trump’s legal adviser, celebrated her 40th birthday in St. Barts with close friends. The group was seen sporting party favor sun hats that read “Habba Nice Day,” and they enjoyed upscale dining at the island’s popular eatery Bonito. Amidst the celebration, news broke of Trump’s legal victory, allowing him to post a reduced bond of $175 million in his civil fraud case, leading to Habba’s return to Palm Beach to appear on Fox News and discuss the win.

While in St. Barts, Habba was recognized by other diners at a restaurant, with one person jokingly asking if the boss knew she was off-duty. Habba humorously replied that the boss did not even know she was present on the island. Despite being on vacation, sources revealed that she still worked every day and was considered a workaholic. Despite her dedication to work, she encountered an injury on the beach when a piece of glass went into her foot, forcing her to switch to flip flops instead of heels for her birthday dinner.

Habba originally believed she would not be able to celebrate her birthday in St. Barts due to Trump’s scheduled trial in New York City. However, when the trial was postponed, she seized the opportunity to travel to the tropical destination with her closest friends. The group stayed at a private villa at the luxurious Eden Rock resort and enjoyed various activities such as lunching at La GuĂ©rite on the beach. In addition to the party favors of sun hats, pictures from the trip showed Habba and her friends dressed in all white.

The getaway saw other notable personalities such as Paul McCartney, Logan Paul, former Viacom boss Tom Freston, and former Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes also present on the island. Despite the festivities, Habba’s dedication to her work was evident as she swiftly returned to Palm Beach to make a TV appearance following Trump’s legal triumph. Overall, the birthday celebration in St. Barts served as a balance between work and leisure for Habba, showcasing her ability to juggle responsibilities while still enjoying important milestones in her personal life.

The chic celebration highlighted Habba’s influence and connections within the elite circles of billionaires and celebrities, as evidenced by the high-profile individuals spotted on the island during her birthday weekend. The presence of influential figures at the same destination further emphasized the allure of St. Barts as a preferred retreat for the wealthy and famous. While Habba experienced a minor setback with her foot injury, it did not deter her from fully participating in her birthday festivities and enjoying the tropical surroundings with her friends.

Overall, the trip to St. Barts served as a respite for Habba amidst her hectic legal career, allowing her to unwind and celebrate a milestone birthday surrounded by loved ones in a luxurious setting. Despite the injury she encountered, Habba’s dedication to her work remained unwavering, as she quickly returned to fulfill her professional duties following the birthday celebration. The glamorous getaway showcased a perfect blend of work and leisure for Habba, demonstrating her ability to navigate the demands of a high-profile legal career while still indulging in moments of relaxation and celebration.

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