Bettina Blümner’s film “Vamos a la playa” won the European Audience Award at the ArteKino Festival, which was held in partnership with Chanel in Paris. The event took place at La Femis, a prestigious film school in Paris, and included a conversation with French filmmaker Rebecca Zlotowski. The festival showcases director-driven films online in multiple languages across 32 countries on Arte’s website and YouTube channel.

“Vamos a la playa” was one of 12 feature films selected for the ArteKino Festival, which follows backpacker millennials on a journey to Cuba to find a missing brother, leading to a passionate love triangle. The festival also awarded Franciska Seifert Eliassen’s Norwegian film, “Sister, What Grows Where Land Is Sick,” with the Young Audience Award. Chanel has been a partner of the festival since 2020, collaborating on talks and conversations with directors and talent.

ArteKino International, a fund created 20 years ago to finance independent European films, provides cash prize awards at international festivals such as Berlin, Cannes, and San Sebastián. Past recipients of their grants include filmmakers like Mati Diop, Celine Sciamma, and Julia Ducournau. The festival also launched a selection dedicated to restored classic films in collaboration with ZDF. The total selection of ArteKino Festival, including Selection and Classics, garnered 7.7 million views in 2022, with the festival itself attracting around 2.7 million views in 2023.

Arte France Cinema, a major supporter of European cinema, has backed acclaimed films like Ruben Östlund’s “Triangle of Sadness” and Mati Diop’s “Dahomey.” The festival at La Femis film school brought together film talent, executives, and students for a screening of “Vamos a la playa” and a glamorous cocktail party. ArteKino International has supported films like Diop’s “Atlantics,” which won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes.

Chanel collaborates with the ArteKino Festival to produce talks with emerging and established directors, with a total of 36 conversations to date. The festival also provides development financing for selected films, helping them gain recognition at prestigious events like Cannes and Berlinale. A selection dedicated to restored classic films was launched last year in partnership with ZDF. The festival showcases a diverse range of European films, attracting audiences from around the world.

Arte France Cinema’s involvement in European cinema includes supporting award-winning films like “Atlantics” and “Dahomey.” The festival at La Femis film school celebrates director-driven films from across Europe, providing a platform for emerging talent to showcase their work. Partnerships with luxury brands like Chanel help elevate the profile of the festival, bringing together industry professionals and film enthusiasts for a unique cinematic experience. The success of ArteKino Festival and the recognition it provides to independent European filmmakers highlight the importance of supporting diverse voices in cinema.

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