Sean “Diddy” Combs is facing backlash after Homeland Security raided his mega-mansions in Los Angeles and Miami. His attorney, Aaron Dyer, released a statement calling it a “witch hunt” and condemning the excessive force used during the raids. Combs and his family members were not arrested, and they cooperated with authorities during the search. They were caught off guard by the raid as Combs had plans to go on vacation with his children to the Bahamas.

According to sources, the raid was a surprise to Combs and his team, with helicopters already present at the scene before they were aware of the situation. The use of force during the raid led to claims of undue hostility and mistreatment of Combs’ children and employees. Dyer denied the merit of the accusations against Combs, calling them baseless and part of a witch hunt orchestrated by the authorities.

Reports from insiders described a chaotic scene during the raids, with Combs’ sons being handcuffed while lasers were pointed at them, and assault rifles were drawn. Significant damage was done to his properties in California and Florida. Additionally, Combs’ protégé, Brendan Paul, was arrested for drug possession but has since been released.

The investigation into Combs comes after several lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault and rape, among other allegations. Combs and his lawyer maintain his innocence, stating that there has been no finding of criminal or civil liability in any of the allegations. Combs continues to fight to clear his name despite the ongoing legal battles.

Combs’ plans to vacation in the Bahamas with his twin daughters were disrupted by the Homeland Security raids. He was detained at the airport, causing him to miss the trip. Additional information revealed that his private jet landed in the Caribbean on the day of the raid, but it was later confirmed that the plane was chartered by someone else.

Authorities confirmed that the Homeland Security raids were part of an ongoing investigation involving multiple agencies. The warrants were issued by New York’s Southern District federal court, where Combs’ ex-girlfriend, Cassie, had previously filed a lawsuit against him. Similar accusations arose from other individuals following Cassie’s lawsuit, prompting further legal action against Combs. He has denied all allegations and settled Cassie’s lawsuit within 24 hours of filing.

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