Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are joining forces to host a rare joint fundraiser to support the campaign of their successor, President Joe Biden. The event is anticipated to raise over $25 million, making it the most successful political fundraiser in American history. Despite the age of the three Democratic leaders – Biden at 81, Clinton at 77, and Obama at 62 – their collaboration is aimed at boosting Biden’s campaign, although it also draws attention to Biden’s age, a vulnerability his team is working to overcome through various tactics.

The three former and current presidents are teaming up to address questions about age that have been raised in past campaigns, such as Clinton’s defeat of the much older Bob Dole in 1996 and Obama’s victory over John McCain in 2008. Biden, this time, is facing a candidate, former President Donald Trump, who is only a few years younger than him. However, Biden and his campaign are adopting strategies to shift the focus from age to the freshness of ideas, a tactic reminiscent of past elections. The event will bring together supporters and donors in a high-profile setting, with tickets ranging in price and contributions, and the participation of prominent figures such as Mindy Kaling and musical guests.

While age has been a recurring theme in presidential campaigns, with Dole and McCain using humor and strategies to address concerns about their years, Biden’s team is working to promote his vision and plans for the future. Biden has been emphasizing ideas for tax reform, universal pre-K, and affordable housing as part of his second-term agenda, focusing on building a future of possibilities and moving away from old policies. Biden, who regularly consults with Obama and Clinton, is engaging with his predecessors to seek advice and support, reflecting a combination of looking ahead while benefiting from past experiences.

The collaborative efforts of Biden, Obama, and Clinton in supporting the current administration represent a mix of past lessons and future goals, as they balance addressing concerns about age with promoting a new vision for the country. Biden’s campaign has been experimenting with various campaign tactics, including the fundraiser in New York, in an effort to reach a diverse audience, including younger voters. The involvement of the three leaders in unconventional campaigning methods, such as recording podcasts and engaging with donors, showcases a dynamic approach to political engagement. Despite challenges related to age, Biden’s team is focused on highlighting his energy and commitment to the future, utilizing the support and advice of his predecessors to navigate the campaign trail successfully.

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