Barbara Corcoran, the real estate guru and judge on “Shark Tank,” revealed on a recent episode of “Today” that the key to her successful marriage with Bill Higgins is sleeping in separate bedrooms. She explained that they have had separate bedrooms for 40 years, adding a level of “sexiness” to their relationship. Corcoran stated that they came up with this arrangement due to their different cleaning habits, with Higgins being messy and Corcoran being neat, making it difficult for her to sleep well when they shared a room.

Corcoran also shared that she was the one who proposed to Higgins in the ’80s, as she wanted to get married and decided to take the initiative. While it is not clear if they sleep in separate beds every night, Corcoran mentioned on Instagram that she prefers her own space due to using a CPAP machine for snoring and sleep apnea. The couple met in 1981 at a business conference, where Higgins introduced himself with business intentions, but Corcoran was immediately drawn to his “million-dollar smile.” They began dating six months later and got married after seven years.

The couple had a low-key wedding ceremony, almost missing it as they got lost cross-country skiing and arrived late to find the minister about to call it a day. Corcoran described marriage as tough but rewarding, stating that they deserve a medal for running the race. She praised Higgins as a good man, a great father, and someone who drives her crazy every day, just as she drives him nuts. The couple has children from previous relationships and have managed to make their marriage work despite the challenges.

Corcoran’s honesty about having separate bedrooms and the challenges of marriage resonated with many people, as it defies traditional norms but shows that different solutions work for different couples. The couple’s unconventional arrangement has sparked conversations about the importance of communication, compromise, and finding what works best for each relationship. Corcoran’s humor and openness about the ups and downs of marriage have made her relatable to audiences and have earned her a reputation as a relationship expert.

The couple’s commitment to each other and their ability to navigate obstacles together have endeared them to fans and followers. Corcoran’s willingness to share the realities of marriage and her personal experiences have made her a source of inspiration for those seeking to build strong and lasting relationships. By being candid about their relationship and the challenges they face, Corcoran and Higgins have set an example of resilience, love, and humor for others to follow in their own relationships.

Corcoran’s advice on relationships and marriage reflects her practical and down-to-earth approach to life, which has made her a beloved figure in the media and business world. By sharing her story, Corcoran has shown that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for a successful marriage and that each couple must find what works best for them. Her humor, honesty, and authenticity have made her a role model for many, proving that lasting love is possible even in the face of adversity. Overall, Barbara Corcoran and Bill Higgins’s love story is a testament to the power of communication, compromise, and commitment in building a strong and enduring relationship.

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