President Joe Biden responded to pro-Palestinian protesters who interrupted his health care speech in Raleigh, North Carolina, acknowledging that “they have a point.” The protesters were escorted out after shouting about the health care situation in Gaza and accusing Biden of being complicit in genocide. Biden expressed that everyone deserves health care and agreed that more care needs to be provided in Gaza. The audience cheered and gave him a standing ovation for his response.

Pro-Palestinian protesters have been a common presence at Biden’s events in recent months, particularly since the Israel-Hamas war began. Calls for the administration to take stronger action on the civilian death toll in Gaza have grown louder. Despite pressure to address humanitarian needs more forcefully, Biden has not called for cutting off U.S. weapon sales to Israel. He has, however, increased political pressure on Israel’s government to allow more aid into Gaza, with efforts such as establishing a temporary pier in the Mediterranean for aid delivery and airdropping humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Alongside these actions, Biden and his allies have criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government’s approach to the war. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for new elections to replace Netanyahu, with Biden expressing serious concern shared by many Americans. In his State of the Union address, Biden highlighted his administration’s efforts to provide aid to Gaza and address humanitarian needs, while also emphasizing his commitment to preserving and expanding health care access.

During his speech in North Carolina, Biden focused on the importance of preserving the Affordable Care Act, which he helped pass during his time as vice president. He criticized former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the ACA and his comments about Roe v. Wade. Trump, in response, posted on Truth Social that he is not against the ACA and wants to improve it. However, Trump had previously expressed intentions to replace the ACA and explore alternatives.

Overall, Biden’s response to the pro-Palestinian protesters and his efforts to address humanitarian needs in Gaza demonstrate his administration’s commitment to providing aid and support to the region. Despite facing pressure from within his party and calls for stronger action on the Israel-Hamas conflict, Biden’s approach has focused on political pressure, aid delivery, and criticism of Israeli leadership. This stance aligns with Biden’s broader agenda of preserving health care access and addressing humanitarian crises both domestically and abroad.

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