Former President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and Hollywood stars came together for a star-studded fundraiser in support of President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. The event, held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, raised a record-setting $25 million. Obama touted Biden’s accomplishments as president, while Clinton emphasized the importance of reelecting Biden for democracy around the world. The fundraiser showcased a united front of Democratic leadership and support for Biden in the face of low poll numbers.

Biden, along with Obama and Clinton, took aim at former President Donald Trump, criticizing his outdated ideas and legal troubles. The event drew a crowd of about 5,000 supporters and featured performances by entertainers like Lizzo and Mindy Kaling. Protesters briefly disrupted the show, expressing anger over Biden’s handling of the Gaza conflict and his support of Israel. Despite the protests, the event was a major show of Democratic support for Biden, with attendees showing enthusiasm for his reelection bid.

The fundraiser included different tiers of access for donors, with tickets selling for as low as $225. Those who donated more money had the opportunity for more intimate time with the presidents, with a photo with all three presidents costing $100,000. The event also included an afterparty hosted by First Lady Jill Biden and DJ D-Nice. The substantial fundraising efforts aimed to give Biden a financial advantage over Trump, who is expected to raise $33 million at a upcoming fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida.

Biden’s campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg described the fundraising haul as a testament to the enthusiasm for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, highlighting the campaign’s ability to reach voters effectively. Biden’s significant cash advantage over Trump has been a key focus of his reelection strategy, with the campaign aiming to communicate Biden’s historic record and vision for the future. The event helped strengthen support among Democrats and showcased the effective messaging abilities of Obama and Clinton in support of Biden’s reelection bid.

The presence of Obama and Clinton at the fundraiser underscored their continued support for Biden’s campaign, with both former presidents playing a key role in fundraising efforts. The fundraiser served as an important moment for Biden’s reelection campaign, with the support of prominent Democratic leaders and celebrities helping to bolster his candidacy. The event highlighted the contrast in leadership styles between Biden and Trump, with Biden’s administration taking decisive action on key issues like public safety and law enforcement.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the fundraising efforts and support from prominent figures like Obama and Clinton will play a crucial role in shaping the campaign narrative. Biden’s campaign has emphasized the need for early contributions to help secure a victory in the election, highlighting the importance of ongoing support from donors. The event at Radio City Music Hall showcased the unity and enthusiasm within the Democratic Party for Biden’s reelection bid, setting the stage for a competitive race against Trump in the coming months.

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