President Joe Biden and his campaign are facing challenges across the 2024 electoral map, except for in North Carolina. In North Carolina, where Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are set to visit, the Democrats are feeling optimistic about their chances to flip the battleground state due to favorable demographics, the changing electorate, and recent Republican nominees being painted as extreme. However, Republicans in the state are not worried yet, as polling shows Trump with an edge ranging from a few points to almost double digits, with leads on major issues such as immigration and the economy.

North Carolina has been a historically successful state for Republicans at the presidential level, with Biden’s loss in 2020 being the closest a Democrat has come since Barack Obama carried the state in 2008. Democrats are being proactive in North Carolina this time around, with Biden’s campaign staffing up top positions, and including the state in its battleground state ad buy. Winning North Carolina and its 16 electoral votes could be crucial for Biden, given his vulnerability in other states he carried in 2016. Both parties are gearing up for a tough and expensive campaign season in the state.

Trump is currently ahead in surveys in North Carolina, with a recent poll showing him leading Biden by 3 points. Trump also has significant leads on issues like immigration and the economy, as well as with independent voters. Democrats are hopeful that they can take down Trump in the state by closely tying him together with the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Mark Robinson, who has made controversial remarks in the past. The Democrats are also targeting other down-ballot statewide candidates, including Dan Bishop and Michele Morrow.

Robinson’s candidacy as the GOP gubernatorial nominee in North Carolina has garnered significant attention due to his controversial remarks linking homosexuality to pedophilia and making other divisive comments. The Democrats plan to link Trump and Robinson together in the campaign to put them in lockstep, potentially turning off some voters, including evangelicals. However, Robinson’s campaign defends him as bold and outspoken about his Christian faith and focused on making North Carolina better for people from various backgrounds.

The gubernatorial race in North Carolina will be historic, with Robinson potentially becoming the state’s first Black governor, and his opponent, Josh Stein, potentially becoming the state’s first Jewish chief executive. North Carolina has a history of ticket-splitting, sending Republicans to the White House or Senate while voting for Democrats for governor. Winning crossover voters could be crucial for both Trump and Biden, while another group of voters in the Republican presidential primary could also play a key role in the election. The candidates are closely aligning themselves with their party’s presidential nominee and gearing up for a tough and competitive campaign in the state.

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