Real Time host Bill Maher is teaming up with Chris Case and Chuck LaBella to create The Club Random Studios Network, a podcast network focused on promoting freedom of expression. Maher expressed his interest in featuring individuals who are unafraid to speak their minds without worrying about adhering to a specific agenda or set of talking points. The network’s first podcast will be hosted by former ESPN anchor Sage Steele, who recently left the network after settling a lawsuit with ESPN and Disney over alleged violations of her first amendment rights following controversial remarks she made on Jay Cutler’s Uncut podcast questioning the coronavirus vaccine and Former President Barack Obama’s racial lineage.

Steele, a veteran at ESPN since 2007, garnered praise from Maher for her willingness to push boundaries and stir up controversy, making her an ideal choice for the network’s inaugural podcast host. Steele shared that her decision to start a podcast was influenced by the backlash she faced and the feedback she received from supporters who appreciated her outspokenness. She emphasized the importance of sharing her story to help others going through similar experiences and create a platform for diverse voices and honest conversations. Maher and Steele believe that there is a significant lack of true dialogue and openness in the country, which they hope to address through the podcast network.

Steele’s upcoming podcast, The Sage Steele Show, is set to launch shortly, with a focus on fostering open discussions and listening to a wide range of perspectives. She highlighted that her priority has always been promoting diversity of thought and engaging in meaningful conversations, regardless of controversy or pushback. Both Steele and Maher are driven by the desire to contribute to a platform where individuals can express themselves freely without fear of censorship or backlash. They view the podcast network as a means to fill a void in the current media landscape by providing a platform for authentic and diverse voices to be heard.

Maher’s own experiences with Disney and previous controversies, such as the cancellation of his show Politically Incorrect in 2002, have given him a unique perspective on the importance of defending freedom of expression and challenging censorship. Steele’s courage in facing criticism and standing by her beliefs resonated with Maher, leading to their collaboration on the podcast network. By sharing her story and engaging in meaningful conversations, Steele hopes to inspire others to speak up and embrace their own perspectives, even in the face of adversity. The Club Random Studios Network aims to be a platform for individuals like Steele who are unafraid to challenge the status quo and champion the value of open dialogue and diverse viewpoints in today’s society.

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