Brandy expressed interest in doing a reunion special with her former “Moesha” co-stars, despite not having spoken to them in a while. She mentioned that she would love to see everyone from the show and catch up with them to see what they have been up to since the series ended in 2001. Although she confessed that she has not been in touch with anyone from the cast, including Sheryl Lee Ralph, she shared that she remains supportive of their endeavors. The Grammy winner played the lead role of Moesha Mitchell alongside a cast that included notable actors such as Shar Jackson, Countess Vaughn, and William Allen Young, to name a few. Additionally, her real-life brother, Ray J, had a recurring role in the show.

Despite not being in contact with her former co-stars, Brandy reflected on her time on the show and expressed her enthusiasm for a potential reunion. She reminisced about her experiences working with the cast and acknowledged the impact the show had on her career. Brandy also mentioned that the series gained renewed popularity in August 2020 when it was added to Netflix, allowing audiences to revisit the beloved sitcom. In addition to her acting and singing career, Brandy is a mother to her 21-year-old daughter Sy’Rai, who she shares with producer Robert Anthony Smith. Sy’Rai is an aspiring singer and has sampled Stella Rosa’s new line of alcoholic beverages, which Brandy is the face for.

As the face of Stella Rosa, Brandy shared that her daughter tried and enjoyed the brand’s new alcohol offerings. She mentioned that Sy’Rai’s favorite was the Honey Peach flavor, although she jokingly added that she didn’t want her daughter to enjoy it too much because she is still the mother. Brandy showcased a signature cocktail, the B Rocka, made with Stella Rosa Smooth Black brandy, lemon juice, simple syrup, and muddled blackberries. She performed her hit song “I Wanna Be Down” for the small, intimate crowd present at the tasting event and raised a toast with the attendees. When asked about her collaboration with Stella Rosa, Brandy highlighted the brand’s family-oriented values, which align with her own principles regarding family and togetherness through shared experiences over drinks.

Brandy’s association with Stella Rosa reflects a shared commitment to family values and bringing people together through shared experiences. The singer and actress emphasized the importance of family and unity, drawing parallels between the brand’s ethos and her personal values. She also revealed that her daughter’s interest in music and her own experiences in the entertainment industry have influenced their partnership. Brandy’s participation in the Stella Rosa tasting event provided a platform to showcase their collaboration and connect with fans who appreciate both her work and the brand’s offerings. The event served as an opportunity for Brandy to share her passion for music, acting, and now, brandy, while engaging with a supportive and enthusiastic audience.

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