Brittany Cartwright and Kristen Doute have moved on from their days at SUR and are now starring in Bravo’s new series, The Valley. Despite focusing on their own successful endeavors, the besties were always determined to return to television. The show will document the events leading to Cartwright’s and her estranged husband Jax Taylor’s separation, a situation that has been wearing on her for years. Doute acknowledges that Cartwright shouldn’t have to clean up after Taylor’s messes while taking care of their son as well.

In a conversation with DECIDER, Cartwright and Doute discuss their new show, Doute’s journey towards motherhood, and what fans can expect this season. Cartwright reveals that filming for the season began shortly after a cosmetic procedure, a decision she regrets due to how it affected her physical appearance. Doute, on the other hand, was initially nervous but more excited to be returning to reality television, especially since the show offers a more realistic view of their everyday lives compared to their time on Vanderpump Rules.

The two friends, along with fellow castmate Jax Taylor, have moved on from their days at SUR and are now living in the Valley. Doute is in a long-distance relationship with Luke, who spends time between Colorado and California. The couple appears to be navigating the distance well, although they know they will have to make concrete plans for their future eventually. Doute shares her desire to become a mother, having seen her friends navigate motherhood and feeling confident in her ability to care for a child.

The dynamic between the castmates is explored, including Jax’s interference in Doute’s desire to start a family with Luke. While appreciating Jax’s concern, Doute reiterates that she needs to go through the journey of motherhood on her own terms. Cartwright reflects on her time on Vanderpump Rules, where she often found herself cleaning up Taylor’s messes. This trend continues onto The Valley, leading to strain in their relationship and ultimately contributing to their separation.

Cartwright and her castmate Michelle have announced their separations from their respective partners and have found strength in supporting each other through these difficult times. The two friends, along with their mutual friend Zack, share a unique bond as they navigate their personal challenges and responsibilities. As the season progresses, viewers can expect a mix of lighthearted and dramatic moments as the cast deals with the pressures of parenthood, relationships, and reality television. Despite the challenges they face, the cast remains resilient and determined to navigate this next chapter of their lives.

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