Bryan Terrell Clark, known for his roles on television and Broadway, made a decision 16 years ago to only pursue opportunities that allowed him to showcase his talents and embrace being a gay Black man. He recently co-starred on the BET+ series “Diarra From Detroit,” playing a character, Mr. Tea, that was written for him. The character is a former All-American basketball player and singer who serves as a loyal, no-nonsense gay best friend to the main character. Clark found the role to be authentically representative of himself and other queer Black men and described it as a dream come true.

Clark’s time on Broadway, including roles in “Motown: The Musical” and “Hamilton,” helped him realize the importance of his presence on stage. He also was part of the ensemble cast of “Thoughts of a Colored Man,” a show about seven Black men exploring emotions in a Brooklyn neighborhood. The production was the first Broadway show written, directed, and starring an all-Black lineup. Clark expressed that working on this production was one of the most fulfilling experiences of his career, as it allowed him to push culture forward through storytelling.

Growing up in Baltimore with religious beliefs that made it difficult for him to come out, Clark struggled with internal shame but eventually found acceptance when he married his husband in 2022. He used his past traumas and family issues to develop his characters, drawing on his experiences to inform his performances. Clark has also pursued a music career and has worked with artists like Maxwell, Brandy, Ne-Yo, Anita Baker, and Michael Bublé. His songwriting credits include Mary J. Blige’s “Irreversible” and Jussie Smollett’s debut single, “Freedom.”

Clark emphasized the importance of authenticity and internal freedom in his work as an actor and musician. He recently performed at Carnegie Hall and plans to release new music later this year. Clark believes that being true to oneself is crucial for connecting with audiences and achieving success. As fans continue to support his work, Clark hopes to continue pushing boundaries and telling impactful stories that resonate with a diverse audience.

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