The Cannes Marché du Film has partnered with France’s National Film Board (CNC) to launch a new program called Cannes Remakes, which will showcase a selection of European intellectual property (IP) available for film adaptations. The event is set to take place on May 20 at the CNC Beach and will include a pitching session, one-to-one meetings, and a networking cocktail event for invited guests. The program will feature IP from France, Spain, and Italy, as the market for adaptations has seen significant growth, particularly driven by demand from global streaming services.

The organizers of the Cannes Remakes program believe that film remakes have become a lucrative avenue in the industry, offering lower risk and proven marketability. Executive director of Marché du Film, Guillaume Esmiol, stated that remakes are injecting fresh dynamism into the film industry, hinting at a notable shift. He noted that there is an increasing trend of adaptations across various languages, as audiences are drawn to narratives that reflect cultural nuances, ultimately leading to diverse global storytelling. The initiative aims to create a platform for IP holders to engage with producers and IP buyers, opening up potential business opportunities.

Jérémie Kessler, head of European and international affairs at CNC, highlighted the international trend towards IP, noting its importance for American studios and buyers from Asia. He stated that this trend is now a structuring factor in the industry, aligning with CNC’s support for exports and strategic cultural assets. The Cannes Remakes program is also supported by Creative Europe MEDIA and backed by the Institute of Cinematography & Audiovisual Arts, the Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual-Italian Ministry of Culture, and Italy’s Cinecittà.

The Cannes Marché du Film will run from May 14 to May 22, with Cannes Remakes being a highlight of the event. The program aims to bring together industry professionals to explore opportunities for adapting European IP into successful film projects. With the growing demand for adaptations and remakes, particularly from global streaming services, this initiative seeks to provide a platform for collaboration and innovation in storytelling. Through a series of events including pitching sessions and one-to-one meetings, Cannes Remakes will facilitate discussions between IP holders, producers, and buyers to unlock new business opportunities in the film industry.

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