Cardi B and her stylist Kollin Carter were featured on The Hollywood Reporter’s annual list of the industry’s most powerful stylists. In a joint interview, they discussed the challenges of dressing the rapper’s curvy figure. Cardi B mentioned that her body is not meant for a size 2 and that finding clothing can be difficult, but they make it look easy. Carter noted that their hard work has opened doors for other women in the industry and caused a cultural shift. He also highlighted the impact of Cardi’s iconic 2019 Met Gala gown by Thom Browne.

The duo posed for the cover of the “Power Stylists” issue in coordinating sleek black looks, with Cardi B in a strapless Dilara Findikoglu gown and long black gloves, and Carter in a Balenciaga turtleneck and pants. They both emphasized that their success in the fashion world was hard-earned and not easily achieved. Cardi B mentioned that they faced closed doors multiple times but pushed through to prove their talent. Carter emphasized that their work has inspired other women in the industry, especially in the rap genre, to pursue their dreams in the fashion space.

Carter described the 2019 Met Gala gown as a moment that took Cardi B to the next level in the fashion world. He noted that it garnered a lot of attention and placed the rapper on various best-dressed lists. The gown was a turning point that made people take Cardi B and her stylist seriously and solidified their presence in the fashion industry. Looking forward, Carter teased that there are more bold red carpet moments in store for Cardi B, hinting at future collaborations and iconic looks that will continue to make waves in the fashion world.

Cardi B’s standout style has made her a fashion icon, and her partnership with stylist Kollin Carter has been instrumental in solidifying her presence in the industry. Their collaboration has resulted in memorable fashion moments, such as the Met Gala gown by Thom Browne, which elevated Cardi B’s status in the fashion world. They both emphasized the hard work and dedication that goes into creating the rapper’s iconic looks, which have inspired other women in the industry to pursue their dreams. Cardi B and Carter’s success has paved the way for more diversity and representation in the fashion space, setting trends and pushing boundaries in the industry.

Despite facing obstacles and closed doors, Cardi B and Kollin Carter have persevered and established themselves as powerful forces in the fashion world. Their innovative and boundary-pushing approach to styling has garnered attention and acclaim, leading to numerous collaborations and iconic red carpet moments. The duo’s impact on the industry has been significant, inspiring others to break into the fashion space and redefine traditional norms. With more bold looks and collaborations on the horizon, Cardi B and Carter are poised to continue making waves and setting trends in the fashion industry.

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