Pair Eyewear, a brand that offers customizable glasses, has launched a new Friends collection in celebration of the sitcom’s 30th anniversary. The brand believes in the concept that wearing the same thing every day can be dull, and with Pair Eyewear, customers have the option to purchase magnetic “toppers” that can change the look of their frames. In addition to prescription and sunglasses, customers can now shop for these toppers that come in a variety of bold colors, fun patterns, and even collaborations with well-known brands like the new Friends collection.

The Friends collection by Pair Eyewear features 12 toppers that are available for all of Pair’s base frames. The designs are inspired by various aspects of the Friends series, ranging from more general designs to ones that reference specific episodes. These colorful frames are a must-have for Friends superfans who want to add a touch of nostalgia to their eyewear collection. Each of the magnetic toppers costs $30, while a new set of frames starts at $60, making this collaboration an affordable and fun way to celebrate the Friends anniversary.

Fans of Friends can now shop this exciting collaboration at Pair Eyewear, just in time for the anniversary of the iconic sitcom. With the option to switch up the look of their frames using the magnetic toppers, customers can express their love for Friends in a unique and stylish way. This collection is a perfect blend of fashion and pop culture, allowing fans to incorporate elements of their favorite TV show into their everyday style.

The Friends collection by Pair Eyewear offers a range of options for customers who want to add a touch of Friends nostalgia to their eyewear collection. Whether they prefer bold colors, fun patterns, or specific references to favorite episodes, there is a topper for every fan of the show. The magnetic toppers are not only stylish but also convenient, allowing customers to easily change the look of their frames whenever they want.

In addition to offering the Friends collection, Pair Eyewear continues to provide customers with the opportunity to customize their glasses to suit their individual style preferences. With the brand’s emphasis on creativity and self-expression, customers can mix and match frames and toppers to create a unique and personalized look. This collaborative collection with Friends adds an extra element of fun and nostalgia to the brand’s offerings, appealing to fans of the show who want to incorporate it into their daily fashion choices.

For those interested in exploring more fun and stylish collaborations like the Friends collection, Pair Eyewear offers a wide range of options in their shopping section. Customers can discover new and exciting collaborations, bold colors, and fun patterns that allow them to express their unique personalities through their eyewear choices. With the brand’s commitment to providing customizable and fashionable glasses, Pair Eyewear continues to be a go-to destination for customers looking to add a touch of creativity to their eyewear collection.

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