Christine Quinn has made shocking allegations of abuse against her husband, Christian Richard, in a restraining order filing, claiming he suffers from serious mental health issues including bipolar, mania, and schizophrenia. She alleges that Richard became enraged during a dispute on March 18, throwing objects at her including dog feces and pouring drinks over the bed and floor while yelling abuse. Quinn also claims he urinated on the floor and destroyed property in their home.

Despite feeling terrified, Quinn did not call the police immediately out of fear for her safety and that of her son. She later snuck the nanny into care for their child while she cleaned up the mess from the previous night’s incident. However, the argument resumed, and Quinn alleges that Richard threw an object at her and their son, causing injury to the child. The police were called, and Richard was arrested shortly after.

Richard denied the allegations made by Quinn in a restraining order request he filed earlier claiming that Quinn had a history of threatening to take away their son and that the dispute was over their dogs being house-trained. A judge temporarily denied Richard’s request based on lack of reasonable proof of abuse, with a new hearing scheduled for later. Quinn is seeking a domestic violence restraining order and wants to reside in the marital home as she claims she has nowhere else to go.

According to Quinn, Richard has been physically and verbally abusive throughout their marriage, with instances of him having mental breakdowns, becoming delusional, and attacking her. She also alleges that he once faked a suicide attempt to test her love for him. Despite these allegations, Richard has not yet responded to the claims made by Quinn in the filing. If anyone is affected by the issues raised in this story, they are encouraged to reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help.

The couple, who married in a televised wedding on “Selling Sunset,” have been through a tumultuous relationship with Quinn detailing various instances of abuse and disturbing behavior from Richard. Quinn claims to have video evidence of the abuse she has endured, and she is seeking legal protection for herself and her son. The court’s decision to deny Richard’s request for a restraining order shows that there may not be enough evidence to support his claims, pointing to a complex legal battle ahead for the couple.

The ongoing legal battle between Quinn and Richard highlights the prevalence of domestic violence and the importance of seeking help for those affected. The fact that Quinn felt the need to document the abuse she experienced and seek legal protection underscores the severity of the situation. As the case unfolds, it is essential for all parties involved to have access to support services such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline to ensure their safety and well-being.

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