Christina Applegate, a beloved actress in Hollywood, recently opened up about her battle with multiple sclerosis (MS). Despite her diagnosis, she presented at the 2023 Primetime Emmys, where she entertained the audience with her jokes. Christina announced her diagnosis in 2021 but continued to film the final season of her Netflix show, Dead to Me. She has since made a few public appearances and hinted that she may not act anymore due to her condition.

Christina revealed her MS diagnosis on Twitter in August 2021, seeking privacy as she navigated this new chapter in her life. MS is a disease of the brain and spinal cord where the immune system attacks the protective sheath covering nerve fibers, resulting in symptoms like difficulty walking, vision problems, fatigue, and cognitive issues. The disease has no cure yet, but treatments include medications, equipment, and rehabilitation activities.

Christina’s diagnosis led to a five-month production pause on Dead to Me season 3 as Netflix respected her privacy and allowed her time to address her health needs. In an interview with The New York Times in November 2022, Christina shared that she has gained weight and now requires a cane to walk. Despite her challenges, she continued filming the show after noticing subtle signs of MS during the first season.

Since her diagnosis, Christina has been transparent about her struggles with MS. She made her first public appearance at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in November 2022, where she thanked her daughter and made light of her condition in her speech. She attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards in February 2023 with a cane and hinted that it may be her last award show as an actor due to her health.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times in February 2023, Christina expressed her uncertainty about returning to acting due to the demands of the job. However, she mentioned her interest in producing, developing, and doing voiceovers to continue working in Hollywood. At the 2023 Primetime Emmy Awards, Christina received a standing ovation and later spoke to PEOPLE about wearing diapers due to her condition.

In a candid interview on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast in March 2024, Christina shared more details about living with MS, including having 30 lesions on her brain and experiencing pain. She expressed her frustration with the condition, stating that she is mad about it and that it is difficult to overcome. Despite the challenges, Christina continues to inspire others with her strength and bravery in the face of MS.

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