In an interview, Christina talked about her struggles with getting enough rest while balancing work and motherhood. She shared that when her son was a baby, he would breastfeed through the night, leaving her exhausted and unable to function during the day. To cope with this, she began co-sleeping with him so that she could get enough sleep to be able to work the next day, despite having reservations about the practice.

Despite the challenges she faces when traveling for work, Christina tends to bring her son along with her. As a working mom, she has to cover the expenses of traveling, including flights and accommodations, and finds it too expensive to do so for her entire family. To work around this, she has found ways to bring her son with her on trips, but still struggles to figure out how to include her daughter in her travels in the future.

Christina shared that her children don’t like it when she travels for work, expressing the challenges of being away from them. However, she has found ways to include her son in her work-related travels, allowing him to be by her side. This has enabled her to continue working while also being able to spend time with her son, despite the financial constraints of traveling with her entire family.

As a series regular on a show, Christina highlighted the financial burden of having to pay for her own travel expenses when working. She emphasized the costs involved in traveling, which include flights, accommodations, and other necessities, making it difficult to bring her entire family along on her work trips. Despite this, she has found a way to bring her son with her, but is still working on finding a solution for including her daughter in her travels in the future.

Christina’s struggles with balancing work and motherhood reflect the challenges faced by many working mothers in finding a routine that works for them and their families. By sharing her experiences, she sheds light on the difficulties of juggling work commitments with the responsibilities of parenting. Despite these challenges, Christina has found ways to cope with her situation, demonstrating resilience and determination in making things work for her and her children.

Overall, Christina’s story highlights the trials and triumphs of working mothers who strive to provide for their families while also pursuing their careers. Her dedication to her children and her work is evident in her willingness to find solutions to the obstacles she faces, such as bringing her son along on work trips. By sharing her experiences, Christina offers insight into the complexities of balancing work and motherhood, and inspires others to find ways to navigate these challenges with creativity and determination.

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