Sean “Diddy” Combs was seen out in public with his twin daughters despite recent raids on his homes as part of a sex-trafficking investigation. He appeared unbothered as he and his girls enjoyed an evening at Top Golf in Miami Beach, wearing an eye-catching outfit and flashing peace signs at paparazzi. While the investigation was ongoing, Diddy did not seem to be concerned about keeping a low profile.

His daughters, Jessie James and D’Lila Star, joined him in matching outfits, spending a few hours at the golf venue before heading out. The teens have a joint Instagram account where they share content in identical ensembles. Diddy had planned on traveling to the Bahamas with his daughters for their spring break before the raids on his Miami mansion and Los Angeles estate took place.

The music mogul was detained at the airport in Miami as he was about to leave for the Bahamas with his daughters. Hours after the investigation began, Diddy was spotted pacing around an executive airport in Florida. Photos of his homes in Miami and Los Angeles showed clothes, shoes, and documents scattered messily, with safes broken into. Several people, including his sons, were removed from the homes in handcuffs during the search.

Diddy has faced multiple lawsuits in recent months, including accusations of gang rape and sexual assault. His attorney called the raids a “witch hunt” and criticized the use of excessive force during the searches. Despite media speculation, Diddy and his family members have not been arrested or had their ability to travel restricted in any way. The rapper has also been facing cancellation following a lawsuit from his ex-girlfriend Cassie, which he settled just a day after it was filed. Diddy has denied all accusations made against him.

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