The Dodgers and catcher Will Smith are close to finalizing a 10-year, $140 million contract extension, ensuring that Smith will remain a key part of the team’s superstar core for the foreseeable future. Smith, a first-round pick in 2016, quickly rose to the starting catcher role upon his MLB debut and has since become one of the best offensive catchers in the game. His impressive stats and defensive improvements have solidified his place as a valuable asset to the Dodgers.

Having been a pivotal player in the Dodgers’ 2020 World Series-winning team, Smith was set to hit free agency after the 2025 season. However, with this new long-term contract, he will be staying in Los Angeles for years to come, joining other star players who have made similar commitments to the team during their competitive window. As the cleanup hitter for the Dodgers this season, Smith’s extension is seen as a strategic move to ensure the team’s continued success on the field.

Reports from and USA Today first broke news of the contract extension, which is still in the final stages of negotiation. The deal signifies a significant investment by the Dodgers in securing the future of their catcher and demonstrates their commitment to building a strong, competitive team for the long term.The Dodgers’ willingness to commit such a substantial amount to Smith reflects their confidence in his abilities and his potential to contribute to the team’s success for many years to come.

The news of Smith’s impending contract extension comes amidst a week of uncertainty and speculation surrounding the Dodgers, providing some much-needed clarity for fans and players alike. With the team gearing up for their regular-season home opener, the announcement of Smith’s extension brings a sense of stability and continuity to the Dodgers’ roster. As one of the team’s homegrown success stories, Smith’s long-term commitment will likely be celebrated by fans and teammates alike, solidifying his place as a key player in the Dodgers’ lineup.

As negotiations for the contract extension near completion, fans and analysts alike will be eager to see how the deal unfolds in the coming days. The timing of the announcement, on the eve of the Dodgers’ home opener, only adds to the excitement surrounding the team and the upcoming season. With Smith’s extension set to impact the team’s future and competitiveness, all eyes will be on the Dodgers as they look to solidify their position as a powerhouse in Major League Baseball.

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