Kim Kardashian is facing legal trouble after being sued by artist Donald Judd’s estate for allegedly using knockoff versions of Judd’s furniture in her home decor. The lawsuit claims that the reality star passed off minimalist wooden pieces that resemble two Judd designs in her office. The originals from the artist cost $90,000 and $9,000, respectively, making them high-value items.

The interior design firm Clements Design was used by Kardashian to outfit her office, and the Judd Foundation alleges that the company manufactured and sold knockoff versions of Judd’s designs to the star. The lawsuit further claims that the firm deceptively advertised the works as authorized and authentic Donald Judd furniture to Kardashian. Fans and art enthusiasts would expect authentic items from the star, not fake replicas.

Clements Design refuted the foundation’s claims, stating that there are key differences between the tables and chairs in Kardashian’s office and the Judd Foundation’s original designs. They claim to have communicated with the foundation previously to explain these differences but were blindsided by the lawsuit. The firm asserts that they attempted to resolve the issue amicably, but the Judd Foundation was unwilling to settle on reasonable terms.

The Judd Foundation expressed surprise over Clements Design’s claims that they tried to settle the dispute before the legal filing. The foundation contends that the firm sold Kardashian fake copies of the Donald Judd La Mansana Table and Donald Judd Chair 84, using copyrighted photos to promote them. Kardashian then allegedly promoted the furniture as authentic Donald Judd pieces to her millions of social media followers.

The Judd Foundation maintains that Clements Design refused to take any steps to resolve the matter, resulting in the foundation resorting to litigation to protect its intellectual property rights. They emphasize the significance of Donald Judd’s timeless designs and the importance of defending his work against counterfeit replicas. The legal battle between Kardashian, Clements Design, and the Judd Foundation continues as they seek to settle the dispute over the alleged use of knockoff furniture.

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