California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, Sen. Toni Atkins, and former state Controller Betty Yee have announced their intentions to run for governor in 2026, raising the possibility of California electing its first female governor. This milestone has taken 175 years to achieve, which is surprising considering California’s reputation for promoting gender equality. Despite this, over 60% of states, including conservative ones like Alabama and Texas, have elected female governors, showing that California is behind in this aspect. The state has seen few viable female candidates running for governor, with only a few coming close in recent years.

In previous elections, women like Dianne Feinstein, Kathleen Brown, and Meg Whitman have come close to winning the governorship but ultimately fell short. The upcoming 2026 race already looks promising for female candidates, with three out of the four prominent Democrats running being women. The odds could improve further with the potential entry of high-profile female political leaders like U.S. Sen. Laphonza Butler and Vice President Kamala Harris. Additionally, celebrity candidates could also emerge as frontrunners if they decide to enter the race.

With the 2026 gubernatorial race still in its early stages, there is a chance for new candidates to emerge and for dynamics to change. While gender should not be the most important factor in selecting the next governor, the focus should be on policies, character, experience, and vision. It would be a positive step forward for California to have a woman in the state’s top job, making it less of a long shot and more of a probable outcome. As the race progresses, it will be interesting to see how the field of candidates evolves and who emerges as the best candidate for governor.

Overall, the prospect of California electing its first female governor in 2026 reflects a shift towards greater gender diversity in political leadership. With several accomplished women already in the running and the potential for more to join the race, the chances of breaking this long-standing glass ceiling are higher than ever. Regardless of the outcome, the focus should be on selecting a governor based on their qualifications and ability to lead the state effectively. The upcoming election presents an exciting opportunity for California to make history and pave the way for more women to enter the highest levels of government in the future.

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