Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of legendary golfer Tiger Woods, has reportedly thrived since the infidelity scandal that ended their six-year marriage nearly 15 years ago. Nordegren now works as a mental health counselor and has moved on with former NFL star Jordan Cameron. Together, they have welcomed three children, adding to Nordegren’s desire for a large family.

Despite the rocky end to their marriage, Woods and Nordegren have managed to mend their relationship for the sake of their children, sharing a friendship and maintaining a good co-parenting dynamic. Both have expressed their commitment to prioritizing their kids and have been publicly supportive of each other’s efforts. Woods has referred to Nordegren as one of his best friends and they often communicate to coordinate parenting responsibilities.

Recently, the exes reunited to support their son Charlie at a golf event where he and his team received their state championship rings. Although they did not appear in photos together, they each posed with Charlie and appeared to be in good spirits, smiling and engaging with the event. Woods and Nordegren have both moved on romantically since their divorce, with Woods having notable relationships with Lindsey Vonn and Erica Herman.

Nordegren is said to be living her dream with her blended family, as she always wanted a household full of children. She and Cameron are raising their children together, along with Tristan, Cameron’s son from a previous relationship. Nordegren’s close friends have reported that she is happier than ever in her current situation and cherishes the life she has built for herself and her children.

The positive relationship between Woods and Nordegren has allowed them to focus on co-parenting and maintaining a friendship that benefits their children. They have both put the past behind them and have expressed nothing but goodwill towards each other. Their ability to communicate effectively and prioritize the well-being of their children has been key in their continued collaboration in parenting responsibilities.

The public reunion of Woods and Nordegren at their son’s golf event showcases their commitment to supporting their children despite their personal history. They appeared to be genuinely pleased to be together and share in their son’s achievements. While they have both moved on with their lives, their focus on co-parenting and friendship has remained a priority for both of them and has enabled them to navigate their relationship successfully post-divorce.

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