In an emotional letter shared with local newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, Emma Thompson expressed her love for Team Finland while detailing her experience working on Brian Kirk’s upcoming action thriller “The Fisherwoman.” The film, set in Minnesota, stars Thompson as a widow who interrupts a kidnapping while trapped in a blizzard. Due to the lack of snow in Minnesota, all exteriors were filmed in Finland, a decision that Thompson felt privileged to be a part of.

Thompson admitted that the shoot was challenging, often feeling scared and doubting her capacity to do the work. As an executive producer on the film, she praised the extraordinary environment and people who supported her throughout the process. The Finnish crew, in particular, impressed her with their calmness, confidence, hard work, and dedication, with a special mention to the “Snow Team” who ensured continuity despite changing weather conditions.

The Finnish crew, including the transport crew who navigated treacherous roads, received high praise from Thompson for their care, dedication, and ability to keep the cast and crew safe. She also recalled filming a fight sequence on a frozen lake, highlighting the beauty of the surroundings which gave her strength despite the physical challenges. Thompson expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work in Finland and encouraged others in the industry to consider filming in the country for its dramatic landscapes and talented crew.

In the past, the Finnish film industry faced challenges in protecting film and TV production incentives. Despite opposition within the government, industry leaders argued that the incentives were crucial for bringing in revenue. Now, with Emma Thompson as a powerful supporter, the country hopes to continue attracting international productions. Thompson’s appreciation for Finland was evident as she reflected on her last day in the country, spending time with friends in a smoke sauna and ice-hole, expressing her deep love for the country and the experience she had while filming there.

Overall, Emma Thompson’s letter highlighted the immense gratitude she felt towards the Finnish crew and people who made her time filming “The Fisherwoman” a memorable and rewarding experience. Her words of praise for the landscape, crew, and overall atmosphere in Finland serve as a testament to the country’s potential as a filming location. With her endorsement and encouragement for others in the industry to consider filming in Finland, it is clear that the country has gained a valuable advocate in the form of the esteemed actor.

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