European Film Promotion has announced the seventh edition of the Changing Face of Europe, a section of the Hot Docs festival in Toronto featuring nine European documentaries that explore contemporary Europe from various perspectives. The filmmakers will participate in on-site and online events, including networking sessions with industry professionals.

One of the featured documentaries is “Kelly – Someone Else’s Dream,” which follows Estonian skier Kelly Sildaru, who accused her father and coach of abuse after winning a gold medal at the Winter X Games. Another film, “Norwegian Democrazy,” offers a look at the leader of an Islamophobic hate group in Norway and the battle for democracy on the streets. “Women of God” follows an evangelical pastor as she struggles to find freedom amidst her faith and family.

In “Limits of Europe,” Czech journalist Saša Uhlová goes undercover as a traveling worker to reveal the challenges faced by economic migrants. “Pelikan Blue” tells the story of three young Hungarians who forged train tickets in the 1980s to help others discover the Western world. “The Outpost” follows eco-warrior Christopher Clark as he fights to save the Amazon rainforest with unconventional ideas like organizing a Pink Floyd concert in the forest.

“Stray Bodies” explores individuals who travel to other European countries to evade national laws regarding euthanasia, abortion, and artificial insemination. “Echo of You” features Danish seniors sharing their experiences of living without their loved ones, while “Such a Resounding Silence” reveals French actor Emmanuelle Béart’s own abuse story and critiques France’s handling of child abuse.

Overall, the Changing Face of Europe section at Hot Docs offers a diverse and thought-provoking selection of European documentaries that shed light on various social, cultural, and political issues in contemporary Europe. The filmmakers behind these documentaries will have the opportunity to engage with industry professionals and audiences through screenings, networking events, and discussions, enriching the festival experience for all attendees.

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