Diane Guerrero and Juan Pablo Raba are set to star in the horror film “The Whistler,” which has started shooting in Cali, Colombia. The movie follows grieving parents Nicole and Sebastian, who inherit a remote farm in Venezuela and become entangled in a world of mysterious squatters claiming to have the ability to summon spirits. As Sebastian tries to drive them out, Nicole is drawn into their world in a desperate attempt to communicate with her deceased daughter, leading the couple to confront not only the spirit realm but also their own inner demons.

Director Diego Velasco, known for “This Fool,” is helming the project from a screenplay by Carolina Paiz, who previously worked on “Orange Is The New Black.” Hideout Pictures is producing the film, with Trevor O’Neil and Margaret Miller as producers and Shannon Houchins, Potsy Ponciroli, and Noor Ahmed serving as executive producers. Guerrero and Raba are also involved as executive producers on the project.

Velasco expressed his excitement about exploring themes of loss, spirituality, and the unknown in “The Whistler,” noting the talents of Guerrero and Raba as leads. Guerrero shared her enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the opportunity to delve into profound questions of life within the stunning landscapes of South America. She described the experience as a treasured one and expressed eagerness to see where the journey takes them.

Guerrero, known for her roles in “Orange Is the New Black” and “Encanto,” is represented by Ali Benmohanmed, Yasmine Pearl at United Talent Agency, Priya Satiani at Entertainment 360, and Priya Verma at Yorn, Levine, Barnes, Krintzman Rubenstein Kohner Endlich Goodell and Gellman. Velasco is represented by Adam Levine at Verve Talent And Literary Agency and Allison Binder at Goodman Genow Schenkman Smelkinson and Christopher, LLP. Paiz is represented by Alex Rincon at United Talent Agency, Marc Provissiero at Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment, and Allison Binder at Goodman Genow Schenkman Smelkinson and Christopher, LLP.

Overall, “The Whistler” promises to be a gripping exploration of loss, spirituality, and the supernatural, with Guerrero, Raba, and Velasco at the helm. The film’s storyline, involving a couple haunted by the loss of their daughter and forced to confront eerie occurrences on a remote farm, sets the stage for a suspenseful and thought-provoking cinematic experience. With an experienced team of producers and exceptional talent involved, the movie is poised to captivate audiences with its blend of supernatural elements and emotional depth.

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