Italy’s Indiana Production, a part of the Vuelta Group, is venturing into the comedy space through a multi-picture deal and creative collaboration agreement with director Gennaro Nunziante. Known for directing successful local hits like “Quo Vado,” Nunziante, along with Indiana, aims to create theatrical movies with engaging storylines that reflect current social issues and potentially appeal to international audiences. The collaboration will focus on two lines of development – working with established talents and discovering and supporting emerging comedians and writers, including those from the stand-up comedy scene.

Among the new talents recruited for Indiana’s comedy projects are the Milan-based group Contenuti Zero, known for their strong presence on television and social media. The studio is known for working with Italian directors like Paolo Virzì and Andrea Di Stefano, who have produced commercially successful films in the past. Indiana’s Marco Cohen highlighted the need to fill a gap in the Italian market for quality comedies that can resonate with audiences beyond the country’s borders, aiming to bring fresh voices and ideas to the genre.

Nunziante emphasized the importance of revitalizing Italian cinema by creating comedies that tackle contemporary issues with originality and authenticity. Both Cohen and Nunziante drew inspiration from countries like France, where the comedy genre thrives with films that appeal to a wide audience and have a strong presence both domestically and internationally. They hope to replicate this success with their upcoming projects, starting with a coming-of-age comedy directed by Luca Lucini and starring Nicolas Maupas.

The collaboration between Indiana and Nunziante will continue with another untitled comedy co-written by Nunziante and Sicilian stand-up comedian Angelo Duro, known for his irreverent humor. This project aims to showcase Duro’s unique comedic style to a wider audience, further expanding the reach of Italian comedy. Additionally, a Paris-set comedy is in development, featuring a mix of Italian and French actors, with the goal of appealing to audiences outside traditional markets and establishing Italy as a player in the global comedy industry.

Reflecting on his successful collaborations with Italian comedians like Checco Zalone, Nunziante believes that Italy has the potential to create high-quality comedies that resonate with audiences both at home and abroad. By leveraging the talent of emerging comedians and writers, as well as exploring new themes and storytelling approaches, Indiana Production and Nunziante hope to bring a fresh perspective to the comedy genre in Italy and beyond. With a focus on originality, universal themes, and strong storytelling, they aim to establish a new wave of Italian comedies that can compete on an international level.

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