Limonero Films has acquired the worldwide distribution rights for the environmental documentary “Wild Coast Warriors,” which will be launched at Mipdoc. The film focuses on the struggles of small coastal communities on South Africa’s Wild Coast as they stand up against the oil and gas industry. It tells the story of a legal battle against Shell that resulted in the protection of the community, the ocean, and the local culture.

Directed by Nick Chevallier and Leigh Wood, who also edited the film, “Wild Coast Warriors” is produced by Chevallier for Contemporary Film Productions. The cinematography is done by Warren Smart, known for his work on the Oscar-winning film “My Octopus Teacher.” Pippa Ehrlich, the director of “My Octopus Teacher,” praised the documentary for its portrayal of the power of community advocacy and its message to big corporations about the strength of vulnerable voices connected to the land.

Supported by Greenpeace Africa, Natural Justice, and Oxfam Intl, the film highlights how South Africa’s constitution protects its people and showcases the fight of individuals working to defend their communities and their beloved land. Chevallier, known for his work on “Blood Lions,” has an extensive background working with major broadcasters such as BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. Two decades ago, he produced “The Wild Coast….a Fragile Paradise,” a documentary that explored the Wild Coast’s natural beauty and resources.

With its premiere set for Mipdoc in Cannes, “Wild Coast Warriors” will be shown ahead of the MipTV market and conference. The film’s critical story sheds light on the ongoing environmental and social challenges faced by communities on the Wild Coast, bringing attention to the need for sustainable and responsible practices in the oil and gas industry. By showcasing the successful legal battle against Shell, the documentary serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination of individuals fighting for their rights.

The stunning cinematography captures the beauty of the Wild Coast and the deep connection the local communities have with their land, emphasizing the importance of preserving nature and culture. Through the lens of the filmmakers, the audience is taken on a journey of empowerment and inspiration, witnessing the impact that united voices can have in bringing about positive change. “Wild Coast Warriors” serves as a testament to the strength of communities standing up against powerful corporations and the importance of protecting our environment for future generations.

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