“Sweet Planet” is a six-part culinary documentary that showcases the impact of sugar in cooking and food rituals around the world. Produced as a collaboration between Insight TV, JOIIN, and CGTN, the series explores the stories of local chefs, farmers, and artisans behind sweet delicacies. The production team traveled to various locations such as Iceland, China, The Netherlands, Canada, and Argentina to capture the culinary and cultural significance of sugar in these regions.

The documentary will be airing on China Global Television Network, reaching over 700 million viewers worldwide through CGTN’s six channels in 68 languages. Additionally, “Sweet Planet” will be available on CGTN Digital and various social media platforms with a combined audience of over 600 million followers. Insight TV, with its global reach of over 400 million households in 56 countries and 12 languages, will also be offering the series for licensing to other channels and platforms.

The launch event for the series took place in The Hague and was attended by Insight TV CEO Rian Bester and Qian Fang, director of the program department at CGTN Europe. Both parties expressed their confidence in the success of the co-production and the potential for a recurring series format that would appeal to audiences in China and across CGTN’s international feeds, as well as on Insight TV channels worldwide. JOIIN, a key partner in the production, has a global creator network and hubs in Amsterdam and Beijing to cater to clients in the Greater China and Southeast Asia regions.

Through its exploration of various sweet creations and the people behind them, “Sweet Planet” aims to showcase the diverse ways in which sugar is used in different cultures around the globe. The series highlights the connections between food, culture, and tradition, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the role that sugar plays in culinary practices worldwide. By featuring a range of locations and culinary traditions, the documentary provides a comprehensive look at the global impact of sugar on food and society.

With its focus on storytelling and cultural exploration, “Sweet Planet” promises to be an engaging and informative series that will appeal to a wide audience. By delving into the history and significance of sugar in different regions, the documentary offers viewers a unique perspective on the role of this ingredient in shaping culinary traditions. Through its collaboration between Insight TV, JOIIN, and CGTN, the series has the potential to reach millions of viewers worldwide and showcase the rich diversity of culinary traditions related to sugar.

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