Travis Kelce, a Kansas City Chiefs tight end, recently sported a Sherwood Country Club baseball cap embroidered with “1989” during a day of golf with friends. Fans quickly noticed the nod to Taylor Swift, as “1989” is both the year the club’s golf course opened and the name of Swift’s fifth studio album, in addition to being the birth year of both Kelce and Swift. Kelce’s friends attempted to distract him during the game by playing Swift’s “1989” track “Bad Blood” but it ended up improving his swing instead.

Kelce’s choice of clothing has often paid tribute to his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, in the past. For instance, he wore a KidSuper Studios set in the same blue-and-cream color palette used for Swift’s “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” album art when she attended her first Chiefs game in September. The brand even added “1989” to the style names after the fact to capitalize on the publicity. Swift has also shown support for Kelce by wearing custom Kelce jersey jackets designed by fellow WAG Kristin Juszczyk and friendship bracelets beaded with his nickname and team number at Chiefs games.

Fans of Swift, known as Swifties, have been quick to spot Easter eggs referencing Swift’s albums in Kelce’s stadium arrival looks. They have noticed hints of “Evermore” and “Red” in his outfits, and some suspect that a game-day look may have drawn inspiration from Swift’s brown velvet curtains. Swift herself has often acknowledged Kelce’s presence in her life through her fashion choices, demonstrating the couple’s mutual support for each other in various ways.

Despite attempts by Kelce’s friends to distract him during the golf game by playing Swift’s music, it only seemed to improve his performance on the course. In a video posted on NBA star Chandler Parsons’ Instagram Story, Kelce is seen enjoying the music and maintaining his focus on the game. Swifties on social media joked about the viral moment, attributing Kelce’s ability to stay composed to what they referred to as “tayvoodoo” due to the influence of Swift’s musical prowess.

The gesture of Kelce wearing a baseball cap embroidered with “1989” seems to be a playful nod to Swift and a testament to their shared experience as fans of her music. Kelce’s choice of clothing and support for Swift have not gone unnoticed by fans, who appreciate the couple’s ability to express their affection for each other in subtle and creative ways. The viral moment during the golf game serves as a lighthearted example of Kelce’s loyalty to Swift, and their mutual admiration for each other’s accomplishments in their respective fields.

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