Rooster Teeth’s groundbreaking comedy sci-fi series, “Red vs. Blue,” is coming to an end with its 19th and final season titled “Restoration.” The series, which follows the antics of the Red and Blue teams of Blood Gulch as they battle each other in a desolate canyon, will be available on May 7 as an 87-minute feature-length film by Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment. The movie can be purchased for $14.99 from various electronic sell-through outlets and will be available to rent for $4.99 on May 21.

The final chapter of “Red vs. Blue” was written by series co-creator Burnie Burns, who returned after a four-year hiatus to pen the script. Director Matt Hullum also returned to bring closure to the narrative after more than two decades. With the universe’s greatest villain returning in a terrifying new form, the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch must set aside their differences to save the galaxy one last time. The decision to end the series comes as Warner Bros. Discovery is shutting down Rooster Teeth’s entertainment division, putting RT’s employees and contributors out of work.

“I’m thrilled to return for ‘Red vs. Blue: Restoration’ and to conclude this incredible 21-year journey with our longtime fans,” Burns said in a statement. Hullum added, “Red vs. Blue has been a cornerstone of Rooster Teeth’s legacy, and we’re immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished together.” The series, set in the universe of Xbox’s Halo game franchise, follows the soldiers of Red and Blue teams as they navigate absurd situations and misunderstandings with a mix of humor and sci-fi elements.

Debuting in 2003 before YouTube’s launch, “Red vs. Blue” has been a pioneer in digitally distributed entertainment franchises. The show has also been innovative in using machinima to create animations using video game engines. The final season, “Red vs. Blue: Restoration,” was produced using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. In the series, led by the bumbling Sarge and cynical Church, the soldiers engage in perpetual conflict in a desolate canyon, creating the perfect backdrop for humor and sci-fi adventures.

Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to sell the catalog and intellectual property rights to “Red vs. Blue” and other popular Rooster Teeth productions like “RWBY” and “Gen:Lock.” The upcoming movie will mark the end of an era for the long-running series, providing fans with one last adventure as the Reds and Blues must work together to fight a common enemy. Despite Rooster Teeth’s closure and the end of “Red vs. Blue,” the legacy of the series will continue to live on through its dedicated fans and the impact it has had on digitally distributed entertainment.

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