UTA has appointed Eric Iverson as its chief technology officer, as the company faces potential disruptions in the industry due to advances in artificial intelligence and other technologies. Iverson previously worked at Amazon MGM Studios, leading product strategy, user experience, and AI efforts, as well as in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) division. At Amazon, he was involved in building a next-generation studio with a fully cloud-based infrastructure. Prior to Amazon, Iverson held positions at CAA and Sony Pictures Entertainment, where he oversaw various technology leadership roles before becoming CTO of Sony Pictures Television.

Based at UTA’s Beverly Hills headquarters and reporting to CEO Jeremy Zimmer, Iverson’s role involves managing IT organizations supporting talent representation, content production, and strategic advisory and marketing consulting businesses. Iverson expressed admiration for UTA’s history of embracing technology-driven opportunities in the cultural landscape, such as being early adopters of digital and podcasting practices. He sees joining UTA during the rise of artificial intelligence as a significant opportunity. Zimmer highlighted Iverson’s reputation for leadership at the intersection of entertainment and technology, emphasizing the importance of understanding how emerging technologies like AI can benefit UTA’s business.

UTA’s goal is to leverage technology to protect creators and expand their opportunities, and Iverson’s team will focus on designing systems, products, and tools to fuel innovation and enhance global collaboration within the company. The company has been known for pushing boundaries and being proactive in adopting new technologies, a spirit which Iverson aims to continue. Overall, his appointment is seen as a strategic move to prepare UTA for the technological changes impacting the entertainment industry.

Iverson’s experience at Amazon and Sony Pictures Entertainment provides him with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the evolving tech landscape in the entertainment industry. His background in product strategy, user experience, and AI development aligns well with UTA’s goals of staying ahead of technological disruptions and leveraging innovation to benefit their clients and business operations. His leadership is expected to drive UTA’s tech strategy forward and position the company as a leader in adopting and integrating new technologies for the benefit of its stakeholders.

As CTO, Iverson’s responsibilities will include overseeing the implementation of AI and other cutting-edge technologies to enhance UTA’s services and offerings in talent representation, content production, and strategic consulting. By focusing on innovation and collaboration, Iverson aims to position UTA as a forward-thinking company that can adapt to and thrive in a rapidly changing industry landscape. His role as CTO presents an opportunity for UTA to further strengthen its position as a leader in technological innovation within the entertainment sector.

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