Stassi Schroeder Clark’s weekly lifestyle podcast, “Straight Up With Stassi,” is getting a new name and a refreshed content format as it joins Dear Media’s roster of shows. The podcast will now be called “Stassi” and aims to return to its roots, focusing on authenticity, candid, and quick-witted takes on her day-to-day life. New episodes will premiere on Wednesdays with a mix of pop-culture commentary and real-life topics.

Schroeder Clark, a former star on Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules,” faced controversy in 2020 when she was fired from the show for past racist comments made on her podcast and for reporting a former cast member to the police for a crime she did not commit. She has since expressed regret for her actions and turned down the opportunity to join the spinoff show, “The Valley.” Under the partnership with Dear Media, Schroeder Clark plans to take a new approach with her podcast, focusing on a more chaotic and informal style while connecting with her listeners in a more authentic way.

Dear Media, founded in 2018, is a platform that amplifies women’s voices through original programming. They host a variety of shows, including “Pretty Basic,” “Not Skinny but Not Fat,” and “The Toast.” President Paige Port expressed excitement in bringing Schroeder Clark’s recognizable voice to a wider audience, fitting in with the network’s pop-culture programming and engaged audiences.

Having sold out shows across the U.S. with her live tours and releasing two bestselling books, Schroeder Clark has built a vibrant and engaged audience. She is represented by WME and continues to connect with her fans through various platforms. Currently residing in L.A. with her husband Beau Clark and their two children, Hartford and Messer, Schroeder Clark continues to share her life experiences and insights with her followers.

Overall, the partnership with Dear Media allows Schroeder Clark to refocus her podcast on authenticity and candid conversations while connecting with her audience in a more informal and fun way. With a new name and visual branding, “Stassi” is set to continue sharing pop-culture commentary, real-life topics, and stream-of-consciousness rants with listeners. The podcast aligns with Dear Media’s commitment to amplifying women’s voices and providing engaging content for diverse audiences.

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