Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s father, Rod Blanchard, was not surprised by his daughter’s reported split from her husband, Ryan Scott Anderson. In a December 2023 interview, Rod expressed doubts about the longevity of Gypsy and Anderson’s relationship, citing Gypsy’s tendency to make impulsive decisions. He suggested that Gypsy should take things slow as she adjusts to life outside of prison, including her relationship with Anderson. Rod expressed his willingness to support Gypsy if the relationship did not work out and praised Anderson as a great guy who loves Gypsy for the right reasons.

Gypsy and Anderson reportedly separated around three months after she was released from prison and moved in with her parents. In a Facebook post, Gypsy confirmed the separation and mentioned the need to find herself. The couple met in 2020, and they got married in 2022 after Gypsy’s release from prison. They seemed happy together at the premiere of Lifetime’s “Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard” in January, where they made their red carpet debut. Gypsy had previously made public comments about their relationship, defending Anderson and their love for each other.

Gypsy served seven years of a 10-year sentence for her involvement in the murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, who had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Throughout her childhood, Gypsy was subjected to verbal, mental, and physical abuse by her mother, who pretended that Gypsy was suffering from various illnesses for sympathy. Gypsy’s story has been the subject of both the HBO documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest” and the Hulu series “The Act.”

Rod Blanchard expressed his hope that Gypsy would take her time to get to know Anderson better and adjust to life outside of prison. He acknowledged the challenges that Gypsy had faced in her life, including being told what to do her entire life. Despite his concerns about the relationship, Rod was hopeful that things would work out between Gypsy and Anderson. Gypsy thanked her family and friends for their support during the difficult time of her separation from Anderson and emphasized the importance of self-discovery.

Gypsy’s relationship with Anderson had initially seemed promising, with the couple appearing happy at public events and sharing affectionate messages on social media. However, the sudden separation reportedly occurred shortly after Gypsy’s release from prison, indicating potential challenges in their relationship. Gypsy’s past experiences of abuse and manipulation at the hands of her mother may have influenced her approach to relationships and her overall outlook on life. Despite the setbacks, Gypsy’s father remained a supportive presence in her life and expressed his readiness to help her navigate any difficulties that may arise.

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