What Are The Limits of Human Vision?

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Man was created by God in all its perfection. Humans have organs with their respective functions, and without us knowing it, many organs work automatically, such as the heart, kidneys, liver, and several other organs.

One of the most important organs of the human body is the eye. Without eyes, humans will have difficulty living daily life. In addition to its vital function, there are many unique facts about the eye. Did you know that the average human blinks 15 to 20 times per minute? Did you also know that the color of the human eye is red?

Although they are created so perfectly, our eyes do have their limits. What are the limits of human vision?

Knowing The Limits

According to studies, our eyes are measured at around 576 megapixels. Surely, it’s really huge if you compare it even with today’s advanced mobile phones. The ability to see things clearly is unmatched. Although some people try to duplicate these organs, it’s always resulting in failure.

Other studies on experimental psychology also noted that human vision is limited to 15 million pixels, and that’s only for one eye. The number is beyond our comprehension.

Other Facts About Eyes

1. It takes 1/10 second to see something

The eye works very quickly, namely when the cornea focuses light onto the retina. Based on a study from researchers at UC Berkeley, the human eye only takes 1/10 second to be able to see something.

The first stage is the eye seeing something; then the next stage is our eyes giving signals to the brain to tell what the object is seeing.

The collaboration of eye and brain work can predict the direction of movement. For example, when someone throws a baseball, the baseball bat can automatically predict the direction of the ball’s motion for the next decision to swing the baseball bat.

2. The eye can see about 10 million different colors

The human eye is capable of seeing colors on the spectrum between ultraviolet and red light. In fact, many scientists think that the human eye is able to see far more colors than the colors of the rainbow.

When light hits a red balloon, it absorbs other colors and reflects red. This red light will be received by the cornea, and then it is deflected into the pupil.

Furthermore, the pupil will determine how much light hits the eye lens. The retina sends a signal to the brain about what has just been seen, and the brain will translate the signal into information about something that was seen as a red balloon.

3. Eye size has not changed since the age of 19 years

In general, our organs undergo changes in size during our lifetime. For example, our noses and ears continue to grow throughout our lifetime. This is because the nose and ears are made of cartilage which will continue to divide with age.

Unlike the nose and ears, which will continue to grow throughout our lifetime, the eyes stop growing when we reach the age of 19. Thus, the size of our eyes starting from the age of 19 years will always be the same until the end of our age.

4. There is a surgery practice to change the eye color to blue

The Stroma Medical Clinic in California developed a controversial procedure for an operation to change the eye color to blue. This procedure is still being tested for safety.

This surgery uses a laser that is fired into a thin layer of pigment on the surface of the brown eye until it turns blue.

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