At Vanity Fair’s Oscars party, a number of celebrities made waves by reviving iconic nineties fashion looks. Helena Christensen, 55, wowed fans by wearing a black and white gown from John Galliano’s spring/summer 1996 runway collection. She shared photos of herself in the sculptural one-shoulder gown on Instagram, revealing that she was excited to fit back into one of her favorite dresses from the archives. Christensen jokingly admitted that the corset of the dress was not entirely closed but added that it would be her little secret.

The fashion icon received praise from her famous friends on social media, including supermodel Cindy Crawford and Gigi Hadid, who couldn’t help but admire Christensen’s stunning appearance. Fans also took to the comments section to comment on her ageless beauty, with many noting that Christensen still looks like a supermodel even after all these years. The fact that the same dress Christensen wore is currently available to purchase at Tab Vintage for $10,985 is a testament to the timelessness of nineties fashion.

At the Vanity Fair Oscars party, other celebrities also embraced the nostalgic trend by wearing archival ensembles. Margot Robbie stunned in a golden Mugler bodysuit reminiscent of a 1996 look, displaying her long legs with confidence. Rising star Sydney Sweeney turned heads by arriving in a slinky Marc Bouwer gown that Angelina Jolie famously wore to the Oscars in 2004. The event was a showcase of how what’s old in fashion will always be new again, proving that vintage styles have a timeless appeal that transcends generations.

Christensen’s revival of her iconic nineties look was a reminder of her lasting influence in the fashion industry and her ability to captivate audiences with her impeccable style. The fact that she was able to wear a dress from over two decades ago and still look stunning is a testament to her dedication to maintaining her timeless beauty. Her decision to wear an archival piece also highlights the sustainability and longevity of high fashion items, showing that quality designs never go out of style.

The resurgence of nineties fashion at the Vanity Fair Oscars party speaks to the cyclical nature of trends in the fashion world. Vintage looks from previous decades often find new life on the red carpet, as celebrities and designers alike draw inspiration from the past to create fresh, modern interpretations of classic styles. By embracing iconic garments from the past, stars like Christensen and Robbie pay homage to the fashion history that has shaped their own personal styles and careers.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, it is clear that the nineties are experiencing a renaissance, with iconic looks from the decade making a major comeback in the mainstream. Celebrities like Christensen and Robbie are at the forefront of this trend, showing that vintage fashion can be just as relevant and exciting today as it was when it first debuted. Their willingness to embrace retro styles and bring them into the spotlight at high-profile events like the Vanity Fair Oscars party underscores the enduring appeal of nineties fashion for a new generation of style enthusiasts.

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