The beauty industry may seem glamorous on social media, but freelance makeup artists and hair stylists often struggle to be paid fairly. Freelance international makeup artist, hair stylist, and content creator Mira Parmar shared her fees and how she makes a living in the industry. With over 15 years of experience, she works with celebrities and publications like Vogue and Elle. Parmar revealed that in an average year, she makes over $95,600. She sets and negotiates her rates without an agent and also offers hair styling services for an additional fee.

Parmar charges a full day’s rate for all her jobs, even if they only last a couple of hours, to ensure she doesn’t lose money by being unable to book another client for the rest of the day. Her rates for various work include makeup for editorials ranging from $440 and up, makeup for red-carpet events starting at $440 to over $1,200, makeup for weddings ranging from $820 to $1,200 or more, teaching makeup for $370 to $500 a day, and makeup for campaigns and advertising starting at $1,070 and $1,200 respectively. She also negotiates content creation rates based on the brand and their size.

Parmar noted that the beauty industry has changed significantly since she started in 2008, with decreasing budgets and the rise of artificial intelligence impacting freelance creatives. The COVID-19 pandemic further affected freelance makeup artists, as brands turned to influencers for campaigns instead of traditional makeup artists. This shift led to artists being asked to work for free or for exposure, undermining the value of their skills and expertise. Parmar emphasized the importance of fair pay for creatives to support their livelihoods and maintain industry standards.

Despite the challenges faced by freelance makeup artists like Parmar, she continues to push for better pay and recognition for her work. She advocates for fair compensation for all creatives in the industry to cover bills, mortgages, and other expenses. Parmar highlights the need for a shift in perceptions towards freelance professionals, emphasizing that they deserve to be paid for their skills and contributions. She encourages solidarity among creatives to demand fair pay and treatment in the beauty industry.

While the beauty industry continues to evolve, freelance creatives like Mira Parmar remain committed to their craft and advocating for fair compensation. Parmar’s transparency about her fees sheds light on the financial struggles faced by freelance makeup artists and hair stylists, highlighting the importance of pay equity in the industry. As the landscape of the beauty industry changes, it is essential for all stakeholders to prioritize fair pay for creatives to ensure the sustainability and success of the industry.

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