Supersex is a biographical Netflix drama about Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi that deeply impacted the author upon viewing the first episode. The depiction of sexual abuse triggered memories of his own childhood trauma, leading to physical illness and emotional turmoil. The show’s exploration of Siffredi’s dysfunctional life raised questions about the effects of abuse on a person’s attitudes towards sex and relationships.

The author’s personal experience with childhood abuse and his struggle to come to terms with it were closely mirrored in the show, causing him to reflect on the lasting impact of trauma. Despite not being a porn star like Siffredi, he found commonalities in their experiences and coping mechanisms. The show prompted him to reconsider the role that abuse played in shaping his own views on sex and relationships.

The trigger warning debate took on a new perspective for the author after his experience of being triggered by Supersex. While he had previously viewed trigger warnings as a positive gesture, he now believes that they may do more harm than good. The cathartic experience of being moved by the show and confronting his past trauma would have been dampened if he had been forewarned about the triggering content.

The intensity of the reaction to Supersex, both from a critical perspective as a television critic and a personal standpoint as a survivor of abuse, highlighted the transformative power of art. The show’s ability to evoke such strong emotions and prompt self-reflection was seen as a testament to its quality and impact. The author chose to embrace the discomfort and emotional turmoil caused by the show, finding validation and connection in the shared experiences of others.

Despite the upsetting nature of the content, the author rejected the idea of trigger warnings for future episodes, preferring to face difficult material head-on rather than insulating himself from the emotional impact of art. He believed that the profound insights and validation gained from confronting triggering content outweighed the temporary discomfort it caused. The experience of being moved by art in such a powerful way was seen as a valuable and transformative opportunity for growth and healing.

The author’s refusal to live in fear of feeling and his willingness to engage with challenging content as a means of personal growth and self-discovery underscored his belief in the transformative power of art. By embracing the discomfort and emotional triggers presented by Supersex, he found a sense of connection and validation that transcended the pain of reliving past trauma. The experience ultimately served as a catalyst for self-reflection and healing, highlighting the profound impact that art can have on individuals.

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