Danielle Bregoli, known as Bhad Bhabie, recently celebrated her 21st birthday with a lavish sushi dinner at Nobu Malibu that came to a total of $6,477. The breakdown of the bill showed that nearly $4,000 was spent on food and over $2,500 was spent on drinks. The dinner included lobster, crab, gelato, and multiple cakes for the guest of honor. Bhad Bhabie stunned in a black outfit with her hair down as she celebrated with her boyfriend, Le Vaughn, and their friends.

The pricey celebration came shortly after Bregoli gave birth to her daughter, Kali. While she has shared a photo of her daughter on Instagram, she has chosen not to show her face, covering it with an emoji in recent posts. Bregoli became famous in 2016 after appearing on “Dr. Phil” and announced her pregnancy in December 2023 after months of speculation. She later revealed the sex of her baby with an ad campaign and shared her daughter’s name at her baby shower.

Bhad Bhabie’s team member reportedly covered the cost of the extravagant birthday dinner, which was captured on Snapchat and shared with her followers. While Bregoli and Vaughn have been private about their relationship, they are believed to have been together since 2020. The rapper has kept many details of her personal life private, choosing to share only select moments on social media.

The party footage showcased Bhabie in high spirits, enjoying the celebrations with her loved ones at the upscale restaurant. The event marked a significant moment in Bregoli’s life as she transitioned from being a teenage sensation to a new mother and adult. Her ability to celebrate and enjoy life’s milestones despite the challenges shows her resilience and commitment to living life to the fullest.

Bhad Bhabie’s rise to fame and journey into motherhood have been followed closely by her fans and the media. Her decision to keep certain aspects of her life private has generated interest and speculation about her choices. Despite this, she continues to share moments of joy and celebration with her followers, allowing them a glimpse into her personal life. The birthday celebration at Nobu Malibu reflected Bregoli’s extravagant style and willingness to enjoy the finer things in life.

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