Isabella Rossellini recently responded to Roger Ebert’s poor review of her 1986 film Blue Velvet. Rossellini typically avoids reading reviews, but she was informed that Ebert criticized David Lynch’s treatment of her character in the film. Ebert noted that Rossellini was asked to do challenging and uncomfortable things in the movie, including being degraded, slapped around, and undressed on camera.

In Blue Velvet, Rossellini portrayed Dorothy Vallens, a nightclub singer who becomes entangled with a young character played by Kyle MacLachlan as he investigates a mystery. Ebert specifically took issue with scenes in which Rossellini’s character was assaulted and abused by Dennis Hopper’s character. He felt that such experiences required a lot of nerve from the actress.

Despite the negative review, Rossellini still speaks fondly of her character in the film. She views Vallens as a victimized person who camouflaged herself behind a facade of beauty and sexiness. Rossellini appreciated the complexity of her character and Lynch’s directing. In fact, she praised Lynch for rehearsing with her for a full day to help her better understand her role.

Rossellini believes that Blue Velvet was an important film that depicted the portrait of an abused woman, and she acknowledges the challenges that came with portraying such a character. She mentioned that Lynch’s talent was evident in the film, and she remains close friends with him to this day. Rossellini expressed her admiration for Lynch’s work on Blue Velvet, calling it one of his best films despite Ebert’s criticisms.

Despite the controversies surrounding the film, Rossellini has a positive perspective on the overall experience of working on Blue Velvet. She acknowledges the complexities of the characters and the director’s talent, and she continues to hold the film in high regard. Rossellini’s response to Ebert’s review sheds light on the behind-the-scenes process of making the movie and the challenges she faced in portraying a complex and abused character. Through her comments, Rossellini offers insight into the creative decisions and efforts that went into making Blue Velvet the iconic film that it is today.

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