Michael discussed the sacrifices he made in order to provide a good life for his children, Michael Jr. and Tanita. Both of his children eventually moved back to Houston, Michael’s hometown, and attended high school there before pursuing college degrees in psychology and art. Michael described his daughter, Tanita, as having a strong but quiet personality, while he praised his son, Michael Jr., for being intelligent and particular in his ways. Despite Michael’s fame and success, he emphasized that his children are focused on creating their own paths and identities.

In an interview with New York Family in 2012, Michael expressed admiration for his daughter’s strong personality and intelligence, highlighting her independence and determination. He also spoke highly of his son, describing him as a smart and particular young man with his own unique qualities. Michael noted that his children are not interested in living in his shadow or being defined by his success, but rather seek to forge their own paths and make their own mark on the world.

Michael’s children, Michael Jr. and Tanita, have pursued their own interests and passions, with Michael Jr. studying psychology and Tanita studying art in college. Despite their father’s fame and achievements, Michael Jr. and Tanita are determined to carve out their own paths and identities, focusing on their personal goals and aspirations. Michael expressed pride in his children’s independence and self-sufficiency, noting that they are not reliant on his success or reputation, but are instead driven by their own ambitions and desires.

Both Michael Jr. and Tanita possess strong personalities and unique qualities that set them apart from each other and from their famous father. Michael described Tanita as having a silent but powerful personality, with intelligence and determination to pursue her own dreams. He also praised Michael Jr. for his intelligence and particular nature, noting that his son is a smart and discerning young man with his own set of strengths and talents. Despite their differences, both of Michael’s children share a desire to make their own way in the world and create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to them.

In reflecting on his life as a father, Michael expressed gratitude for his children and the opportunity to provide them with a good life. He acknowledged the sacrifices he had to make in order to support his family and ensure their well-being, but emphasized that he is proud of his children for their independence and determination. Michael’s children, Michael Jr. and Tanita, have shown themselves to be strong and capable individuals who are committed to pursuing their own goals and dreams, without relying on their father’s fame or success for validation or support. Despite the challenges they may face, Michael is confident that his children will continue to thrive and succeed in their own unique ways.

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