Sen. JD Vance of Ohio made a strategic trip to former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort armed with polling data and a proposition. Vance believed Trump could once again be a kingmaker in the Ohio Senate race, as largely unknown Bernie Moreno was rising in the Republican primary. Trump endorsed Moreno, and with Vance’s urging, flew in for a last-minute rally when polls showed Moreno struggling. Moreno’s landslide victory reinforced Trump’s influence in GOP primaries and has increased speculation about Vance’s potential as a running mate for Trump.

Trump allies and Republicans close to the situation acknowledge Vance’s rising political stock, noting his unshakable loyalty and winning reputation. Many Republicans view Vance as Trump’s contact person in Ohio, someone he trusts and relies on for advice. Trump has praised Vance effusively, calling him “a friend” and “a real fighter.” The success of Moreno’s primary victory, with Vance as a trusted adviser, further elevates Vance’s status within Trump’s political orbit.

The primary victory by Moreno was seen as a triumph for Vance, with the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee calling Vance a rising star in the Republican Party. Moreno’s win reinforced Trump’s endorsement as a powerful force in politics, and Vance acknowledged Trump’s role in securing Moreno’s victory. Vance emphasizes his commitment to supporting Trump and helping elect allies who back the America First agenda.

Both Vance and Moreno have had similar paths as Senate candidates, initially needing to prove viability before earning Trump’s endorsement. Vance, initially known as a Trump critic, evolved in his views and developed a friendship with Donald Trump Jr. Moreno briefly ran in the Senate primary before dropping out to endorse Vance, who was then crucial in securing high-level donors and support for Moreno. Their successful partnership has led to speculation about Vance’s potential as a vice presidential pick for Trump.

Vance has worked across party lines in the Senate to propose populist legislation, showcasing his ability to build bipartisan relationships and address pressing issues. He has also been visible and responsive during times of crisis, earning praise for his involvement in local disaster situations. Further, he remains a central figure in Trump’s political orbit, with many observers indicating he could be a dynamic choice for vice president in the future.

The rapid growth and success of Vance as a politician have not gone unnoticed, with many viewing him as a potential presidential candidate down the line. His popularity and effectiveness have made him a key player in Ohio politics and within Trump’s sphere of influence. Vance’s loyalty, winning track record, and ability to navigate complex political landscapes have positioned him as a rising star in the Republican Party with the potential for significant future political roles.

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