Kevin Franke shared details of his experiences with his estranged wife Ruby Franke’s close friend and business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, whom he believed was possessed. According to Kevin, Hildebrandt claimed to be tormented by shadow figures and even admitted to being possessed, which led him to become her personal “exorcist.” He recounted witnessing supernatural occurrences at Hildebrandt’s home, including crashes in the basement and plates flying off shelves on their own, which left him puzzled as an engineer and college professor. Due to these eerie events, the couple sought help from a bishop to cast out the demons from the home.

Despite the bishop’s efforts to help Hildebrandt, the situation did not improve, leading to the suggestion that she move in with the Franke family. Ruby was convinced they could intervene and assist Hildebrandt, but Kevin was hesitant. Once Hildebrandt moved in, Kevin described experiencing strange phenomena in their home, such as lights turning on and off, sounds of footsteps in walls, and floating objects. As Hildebrandt’s supposed possession escalated, Kevin took on the role of giving her blessings whenever she slipped into a trance, which he claimed was happening frequently.

As the trances became more frequent, Ruby began experiencing similar episodes and started having visions of going to heaven and conversing with God and Jesus. This led to both Ruby and Hildebrandt spending extended periods locked in a room together, engaging in what Kevin described as spiritual work. Eventually, Kevin and Ruby decided to separate in the home before filing for divorce, as Ruby and Hildebrandt were arrested for aggravated child abuse. Ruby, a former YouTube host, admitted to torturing her children and was sentenced to up to 30 years in prison, while Hildebrandt received the same sentence for terrorizing the children.

Throughout the ordeal, Kevin recounted his experiences dealing with what he believed to be supernatural possession and the challenges he faced in trying to help both Hildebrandt and his estranged wife. He described the escalating frequency of trances and visions experienced by Ruby, leading to the decision to separate before the legal proceedings began. Despite his engineering background and logical mindset, Kevin found himself caught in a situation he could not fully explain or understand, facing the consequences of the escalating events in their home.

The unfolding of events involving Hildebrandt’s alleged possession, Ruby’s own experiences, and the subsequent legal outcomes revealed a complex and disturbing series of events that impacted multiple lives. Kevin’s role as the reluctant “exorcist” highlights the lengths people may go to in trying to help those dealing with mental health or spiritual issues, even when faced with challenges beyond their expertise. The tragic consequences of the situation serve as a stark reminder of the importance of seeking professional help and intervention when dealing with complex psychological or spiritual issues. Amidst the chaos and confusion, Kevin’s story sheds light on the human capacity to confront the unknown and navigate challenging circumstances in the pursuit of understanding and resolution.

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