The first-ever Golden Bachelorette lead has yet to be revealed, but The Bachelor’s Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are hopeful for Leslie to take on the role. ABC announced the senior spinoff would premiere in the fall, with casting announcements still pending. Speaking over Zoom, Anderson expressed her support for Leslie and her belief in her ability to excel in the lead role. Graziadei also shared his positive thoughts about Leslie and her potential to do well as the Golden Bachelorette.

During an interview at the 2024 Television Critics Association press tour, Bachelor producers mentioned their desire to cast a lead that Bachelor Nation was already familiar with from The Golden Bachelor. Leslie Fhima is still in the running for the role, and Decider named her as one of their top picks for the Golden Bachelorette lead. The producers appreciated Leslie’s caring nature and her deep investment in her Golden Bachelor love story, making her a strong contender for the role.

In a cameo appearance on Joey’s season of The Bachelor, Leslie shared her own personal experiences and struggles, including losing her mother at a young age and the impact it had on her dating life. She also confessed that she was devastated when Gerry, the Golden Bachelor, broke up with her because she was genuinely in love with him. Leslie’s vulnerability and openness on the show endeared her to fans and potentially to the producers of The Golden Bachelorette.

Casting calls and applications for The Golden Bachelorette appeared online back in January, suggesting that the series was moving forward. A question on the application hinted that the production team may have already selected a Golden Bachelor alum as the leading lady. The question asked male applicants if they watched The Golden Bachelor and which female contestant they found most attractive, possibly influencing the final decision on the Golden Bachelorette.

Not only is Leslie a strong candidate for the Golden Bachelorette, but the potential lead could also have the chance to date Kelsey’s dad, Mark. Mark captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation during The Bachelor’s Hometown Week episode, and host Jesse Palmer hinted at his possible future within the franchise during the Season 28 finale. Anderson expressed her support for her dad and his possible involvement in the show, praising him as an amazing man who deserves the best.

The excitement continues to build as fans eagerly await the official casting announcement for The Golden Bachelorette. Anderson and Graziadei are supportive of both Leslie’s potential role as the lead and Mark’s possible involvement in the show. As more details are revealed, fans can stay updated by reading Decider’s full post-finale interview with Graziadei and Anderson for insider information and exclusive insights into the upcoming show.

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