Johnny Knoxville, known for his work on MTV’s “Jackass,” is launching a new podcast called “Pretty Sure I Can Fly” alongside comedian and writer Elna Baker. The show aims to explore and celebrate individuals who have pushed the limits of human potential throughout history. The podcast will have an exclusive one-week window on Amazon Music and the Wondery+ subscription service before becoming available on all major podcast platforms on April 15. Guests on the show include Travis Pastrana, Garrett McNamara, Dudley Stokes, Ann Daniels, and Tori Murden.

Knoxville expressed his excitement about the podcast, stating that he finds stories of people achieving extraordinary feats under impossible conditions to be endlessly inspiring. He questions why individuals would choose to take on challenges like surfing a 100-foot wave or rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Baker, with experience at “This American Life,” added that it takes a particular kind of mindset to engage in the extreme activities that their guests have pursued.

SmartLess Media, the company behind the popular “SmartLess” podcast from Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, is producing “Pretty Sure I Can Fly.” The company recently signed a three-year deal with SiriusXM worth over $100 million. Other podcasts under SmartLess Media include “Bad Dates” with Jameela Jamil, “Just Jack & Will” with Hayes and Eric McCormack, “WikiHole” hosted by D’Arcy Carden, and “Owned” with Rex Chapman. SmartLess Media president Richard Korson expressed excitement about working with Knoxville and Baker on the new podcast.

Executive produced by Josh Dean and Mark McAdam, “Pretty Sure I Can Fly” also features producers Bernie Kaminski, Arnett, Bateman, Hayes, and Korson. Amplify Pictures’ team includes Joe Lewis, Rachel Eggebeen, Colin King Miller, and Brian Donahoe among others. The podcast aims to highlight the stories of individuals who have pushed boundaries and taken risks to achieve remarkable accomplishments.

The podcast’s trailer offers a glimpse into the exciting and humorous discussions that can be expected on the show. With Knoxville’s background in stunts and pranks, paired with Baker’s storytelling expertise, “Pretty Sure I Can Fly” promises to be a unique and entertaining podcast that delves into the minds of daring individuals who have pursued extraordinary goals. The podcast aims to capture the essence of what drives these individuals to take on challenges that defy conventional expectations.

Through engaging conversations with guests like pro motorsports competitor Travis Pastrana and polar explorer Ann Daniels, “Pretty Sure I Can Fly” will shed light on the motivations and experiences of those who have dared to push the boundaries of human potential. With exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes stories, the podcast invites listeners to explore the world of extreme sports, exploration, and adventure through the eyes of those who have lived on the edge. Knoxville and Baker aim to showcase the courage and determination of individuals who have redefined what is possible.

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