Former Orange County law school dean John Eastman has been recommended for disbarment by a State Bar Court judge for his role in helping Donald Trump’s legal strategy after the 2020 election. The judge, Yvette Roland, found Eastman culpable of 10 out of 11 counts of misconduct, including promoting fraudulent claims about the election results. Despite Eastman’s claims of acting in good faith as a zealous advocate for his client, Roland deemed his actions as dishonest and lacking in evidence.

Eastman was accused of peddling bogus claims of election fraud that led to the Capitol insurrection on January 6, 2021, by promoting a scheme to block the electoral count. Despite knowing that there was a lack of proof to support his claims of fraud, Eastman continued to push forward with his baseless allegations. He also faced accusations of parroting the misguided opinions of unqualified experts and promoting a lawless theory that Vice President Mike Pence could reject electoral votes to overturn the election.

The ruling also highlighted Eastman’s lack of remorse and refusal to acknowledge any impropriety in his actions. The State Bar attorneys argued that Eastman’s misconduct was a grave misuse of his license that undermined democracy. Eastman, who is still facing legal battles in connection to the 2020 election, has raised significant funds for his legal fees and maintains that he has no regrets about his actions. Despite the ongoing legal troubles, Eastman continues to position himself as a patriot fighting against attempts to silence his views.

The trial included testimony from election officials and legal experts, some of whom undermined Eastman’s claims of election fraud. Despite efforts to discredit election results in several contested states, Eastman’s own witnesses provided contradictory information during the trial. The judge determined that Eastman’s actions were in contempt of truth and democracy, and his misconduct was a serious violation of legal ethics.

Eastman’s involvement in promoting fraudulent claims and a lawless theory to overturn the election results has had lasting consequences, leading to his disbarment recommendation and legal troubles in multiple jurisdictions. While Eastman portrays himself as a heroic figure fighting against a perceived injustice, his actions have been widely condemned as harmful to the integrity of the legal profession and the democratic process. The ruling against Eastman is seen as a landmark victory for accountability and upholding legal standards in the face of election-related challenges.

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